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Where I talk about lots of FO’s!

Alright, here’s a bunch of photos from Christmas FO’s that I wasn’t able to post when they were done (they were all wrapped up and I didn’t want people to know what they were getting should they happen upon this here blog!):

My mom got a pair of Mrs. Beeton’s:

Both my sisters got pairs of Fuzzyfeet:

And Nick’s mom got Branching Out (made with Soy Silk! Sorry, no photo of her with it, but there is one of me from when I finished it in the car on the ride down to Florida!):


And since I’m posting photos of finished things….. I finished a modified (two cables instead of three) Irish Hiking Scarf yesterday made out of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk yarn! Finished length is 60 inches and I completed it in 4 days. Florida is great and all, but there’s not a lot to do sometimes except knit (of course!).

The Shetland Triangle has also seen some love since we’ve been in Florida:

I’m on the second ball of yarn and it’s progressing well.


I don’t know if I mentioned it, but Nick’s mom taught me to paint! Here’s the bag I painted:

Nick’s mom is a One Stroke instructor and she gave me a little lesson and I panted this bag. I love how it came out and I think I did pretty good for my first try! This coming Saturday we’re going to a watercolor class together and I’m pretty excited about it :o)


Since we ARE in Florida, we’re going to Disney World tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it since I’ve never been. Me, being the knitter that I am, know that there will be lines to wait in and I will be bringing a small portable project: a sock! I’ve been dying to work with this fall yarn I bought a long while ago and decided that Monkey would be the perfect pattern for it. Just enough pattern to keep me from being bored and not so much that it won’t do the hand dyed yarn justice. Good choice, eh?


Happy New Year everyone!

PS. I know I haven’t been blogging too much lately (limited net access here), but I’m doing my best to keep up with everyone!

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Slippers, a scarf, and mittens

I made slippers for my mom for Christmas from Knitty’s Fuzzyfeet pattern. I think they turned out pretty good and I hope (pray) they fit her. I used Patton’s Classic in Denim Marl 7716 – one skein made the pair with plenty left over. They are supposed to be about womans US size 8 (about 10″ in length). I sewed on suede bottoms which cost more than the yarn I knit them with!



One more Christmas present done is my friend Tammie’s scarf. I love the yarn I used – it was a wool silk blend which drapes wonderfully. Peru Chunky Luxury, color 103. I used the MagKnits Short Row Rib Scarf pattern. The pattern is easy and can keep my attention well enough to finish the scarf. This is the first scarf I’ve ever made! I’ll be making one to match the mittens I made below once all my Christmas knitting is done.

Here’s a close up of it on me that shows the true color of the yarn:

Here’s a close up of the actual stitch pattern:

I finally finished my mittens after completing the scarf because my hands have been suffering in the cold, cold weather. They match my jacket perfectly! I used the KnitPixie mitten pattern. I used Patton’s Classic, double stranded, in That’s Pink 77732 colorway. When my friend saw me wearing them, I said “Look! I finished my mittens!!” She said “You made those?!! They look store bought!” :o)

I also made mittens for my sister, Kaylee, out of a verigated Red Heart yarn (I don’t recall the colorway, but it was crazy bright – perfect for her!). I didn’t get to photograph them before the were mailed of, though.