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Rhinebeck 2011 – The Purchases

Time to share all the things that just HAD to come home with me from Rhinebeck this year! 🙂

This year I came with a list of yardages for different projects I had in mind, just like I did last year. I find this is the best way for me to shop so that I don’t come home with things I can’t figure out what to do with and end up destashing it later. I knew I wanted to get yarn for the Peak Island Hood and enough yarn for a sweater, but the rest of my purchases would be left up to what I came across.

Saturday I got my goodie bag when I checked in for my class. The bag was for being one of the first 250 people to register for a workshop. The tote bag is pretty nice and inside there were coupons, catalogs, and a skein of yarn from Knit Picks.

Rhinebeck Goodie Bag
Goodie Bag

The very first purchase I made was on Saturday afternoon at Good Karma Farm. The yarn was so soft and I fell in love with a bright blue they had. I decided it would be the perfect thing to make the Peak Island Hood out of and purchased 3 skeins of 60% wool/40% alpaca in a worsted weight.

Good Karma Farms
Good Karma Farm Wool/Alpaca

Sunday was the day I made most of my purchases. I took my time and went through the different booths a few times before deciding on what I wanted. Here’s all the loot!

Rhinebeck Purchases
Top (L to R): Goodie Bag, Goodies in the bag, Handmade Basket, Brooks Farm Trio, Brooks Farm Solo
Middle (L to R): Bittersweet Woolery Star Dust Lace, Socks That Rock Lightweight, Twist of Fate Spinnery (Worsted), Loop Batt, Into the Whirled Superwash BFL
Bottom (L to R): Bosworth Walnut Midi Spindle, Jessalu Spindle Bag, Good Karma Farms Wool/Alpaca, Signature Arts Needles (US 6, 24″), Non-fibery goodies

I think the red Brooks Farm Solo will become Parcel and the Twist of Fate Spinnery yarn will likely become Anaya with 3/4 length sleeves. Not sure what the Bittersweet Woolery Star Dust Lace or what the Socks That Rock will be, but I’m sure I’ll find suitable patterns for each!

For those that went to Rhinebeck, what came home with you? Any purchases you couldn’t live without or anything you’re now itching to cast on?

I’m hoping that I can knit up some swatches for sweaters soon! I’m thinking that Anaya will be first on my list to knit. After all these new purchases, I’m itching to cast on for new things! I’m making myself finish the Grove mittens I’ve been working on and I’d like to get another project or two off the needles first, but I can swatch in the mean time, right? 😉

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Rhinebeck 2011

I can’t believe how quickly the last few weeks have gone by! I had the best of intentions to blog before Rhinebeck, but I ended up not having time. A small part of it was also that while I had been knitting, I didn’t have any pictures to share because I’d been too busy to take or upload any, so it seemed boring to just say “Oh I’m going to Rhinebeck, hope to see you there!” Ah well. Life happens sometimes!

Last weekend was New York Sheep and Wool, also known as Rhinebeck. I planned to take Wednesday off to get packed and ready for the road trip, leave Thursday, see people and shop on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, drive home Monday, and take Tuesday off to recover. All went according to plan! Diana shared the drive with me again this year, but we had our own hotel room. Friday she had a workshop at the fairgrounds. I spent some time driving around Kingston when Hillary sent me a text saying she was getting into town earlier then planned, so we met up for lunch and went to a sushi place. Friday evening we went out with a few of Diana’s friends that were there for the weekend.

Saturday morning we were at the fairgrounds early since I had workshop in the morning. I took Fit-to-Flatter with Amy Herzog. The class was fantastic! I learned quite a bit from it and would recommend the class to anyone who likes to knit sweaters. I spent the afternoon walking around, checking out vendors and met up with quite a few folks. I wish I could remember and link everyone, but I think my brain was a bit on overload from everything going on that I know I’d leave out a lot of people! It was so great to see all the familiar faces and meet some new folks, too. I only bought yarn from one vendor on Saturday, Good Karma Farms. I think there was just so much going on and so many people that I was just overwhelmed by the vendors. I was really glad I planned to go both days this year! Saturday evening we were both so wiped out from all the socializing, the class, and the vendors, that we went back to the hotel and relaxed. We did meet another group of Diana’s friends for dinner, but only went to the diner across the street, which was probably all we could manage at that point after all the action of the day.

So many colors!
There were so many great vendors and a huge range of colors!

Sunday we got to the fairgrounds pretty early, partially because we didn’t realize that it didn’t open until 10 am and partially because we were worried about parking. We had breakfast at the Eveready Diner right across from the fairgrounds Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and on Sunday morning, we saw quite a lot of people in the parking lot, so we decided to go over early to get a good parking spot.

Eveready Diner
Everady Diner

We got over to the fairgrounds a little after 9 am. I walked around a bit, checked out a few of the vendors I wanted to see (who were all not ready for customers yet), then wandered around until Kim (aka crazywig on Ravelry) found me. We had coffee together and chatted for a bit until things started to pick up. While we were sitting and chatting, Jesh came walking by. I’d been trying to find her most of Saturday, but she had been good about not being at the Holiday Yarns booth any time I walked by! After things started picking up and vendors opened, I wandered around contemplating what would come home with me.

Around lunch time while I was sitting eating a chicken pita, Michelle finally found me! We tried to meet up on Saturday, but didn’t find each other. I was so glad she spotted me in my Angry Birds green pig hat (which got TONS of comments from people) before she left for the day. It was great to have a chance to talk to her in person. 🙂

The fairgrounds closed at 5 pm on Sunday and I admit I was a bit sad to see it all come to an end. I had a really good time, came home with lots of goodies, and was so happy to be able to see many of the folks that I have the pleasure of knowing through Ravelry, Plurk, and Twitter.

As I was leaving the fairgrounds on Sunday
As I left the fairgrounds Sunday

I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I wish I had (especially not of all the lovely people I saw), but I’ve uploaded my Rhinebeck pictures to Flickr and you can check them out here.

Did you go to Rhinebeck this year? If you did, how was it? If not, do you have plans to go next year?

Next time I’ll share all the goodies I purchased. 😀