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A little update

My knitting night is on Wednesdays.  Usually this is okay, even though I’m generally very tired because the first half of my work week is quite stressful.  It’s been a little more tough to get there, though, now that Nathaniel is here.  I don’t like leaving him home by himself while I go because usually Nick is working.  Really, I know it’s not an issue because he’s old enough and responsible enough to stay on his own for a few hours.  Still, it ends up that I have to leave early anyhow so I can get him to bed by Nick’s mandated bed time (8:30 pm).

This week, though, there was no way I was going to make it.  I had to play mom and take him to the store to get gym clothes (he’s made it into mainstream high school!  WOO HOO!).  I also had to make a trip to the pet store to make an exchange.  Since it was also pot luck for knitting night, I knew I wouldn’t have enough time.  On top of all that, since it’s a short week because of the holiday, my 40 hour 5 day work week, turns into a 40 hour 4 day work week.  This meant rearranging my chiropractor appointments, otherwise there was no way I could get everything that needs to be done accomplished.  I left work at 5 pm and my appointment was at 5:30 pm, which means I didn’t get home until after 6 pm.  Knitting starts at 7 pm.  Hmm… nope, no way it’s going to happen!  *sigh*

Instead of going, I took care of all that boring, non-knitting stuff.  It wasn’t all bad, though!  I did get one sock completed and learned a new bind off (sewn/tubular cast-off).  It didn’t turn out the way it should have because I did K2, P2 ribbing and the cast off was in K1, P1 ribbing.  I still like how it turned out, though, and I’ve learned something for next time (1×1 ribbing!) for toe-up socks, which I have a feeling I’m going to try again very soon.  I really like the short row heels and toes.  I think they fit my feet better.  These socks are for my youngest sister, so it looks like I’ll be making something similar for myself soon.

I started a scarf for my middle sister for her birthday.  I hope she likes it (and hope that I can get it done!).  Her birthday is on the 16th of this month. 

Ohhh… yes… regarding the fiber fest going on on the weekend of the 15th/16th.  Myself and Crafty Mands (and her hubby) are going to go on Saturday.  It works better for both of us and I know that I’ll need Sunday to recoup for the work week and it’s also my sister’s birthday on Sunday (which I didn’t even think about before).  So, Saturday it is!  I’m really looking forward to it.  Anyone who would like to join us, is more than welcome to.  Just let me know!

I’m working on a lot of things right now, but only a few have been getting some progress.  It’s all about what I’m enjoying working on and the socks and scarf are where it’s at right now.  I’m also working on a scarf thing for myself (Wisp from Knitty), Erin’s baby blanket (I’m thisclose to the half way point), Icarus, Starlight, and the Noro cardigan.  It’s been too darn hot to work on anything heavy (like a sweater), so it’s been socks and lace, mostly.  I’ll update with some photos (with the exception of the scarf for my middle sister) when I get home.  Just wanted to post a little while I had a chance.

Have a good day everyone!


I was on Ravelry (big surprise, right?) and I came across a doilies group. I was reading the threads and completed projects and now I simply MUST knit some doilies! I know that I will probably not use them because they really aren’t my thing, but I love them! I want some of my own – beautiful pieces of small lace. Nick was sitting close to me, looking when I expressed how much I must knit this NOW and I showed him a beautiful table cloth. He asked how long it would take to make. Guessing, I said probably a year, maybe 6 months if I worked on it non-stop. He requested that I knit it for his mother for her birthday next year and I agreed I would. I already know that I can get some of the "good stuff" for making doilies at Hobby Lobby – they have a pretty big selection there.

Since I need the pattern, I need the book it comes in, which is Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting by Marianne Kinzel. He said that I can go ahead and order it next week (when funds aren’t quite so tight) and since it’s from Amazon and free shipping is a good deal, I’m also going to get First Book of Modern Lace Knitting also by Marianne Kinzel. I need a little more to get the free shipping still, but I have plenty of books on my list, but I haven’t decided which one yet.

I do have some Aunt Lydia’s crochet thread in my stash that I’m going to swatch with and see how it comes out to see what size needles work with it. I want to work on a small one until the books arrive and I can start contemplating color and material for the table cloth.

In other, non-knitting news, I got some chairs for the kitchen table. We got the table free at a garage sale, but no chairs, so today I went hunting and managed to get some for a total of $160 ($40 each and I got 4). Not too bad. Less than I expected to spend. We needed them since Nick’s parents are coming next week to bring Nathaniel home. We need to be able to sit at the table now that he will be here and while his parents are visiting.

Anyhow, I should really go to bed. I’m going to be car looking with my friend from work tomorrow. She needs a new car – she was in an accident a little over a week ago. No worries, she’s fine, but her car was totaled. Nighty night!

Is it here yet?

I put in my order to Knit Picks today for Wool of the Andes in Amethyst Heather – enough to make the sweater on the cover of the Summer 2007 Interweave Knits, the Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke sweater. I’m anxiously awaiting my order to arrive so I can start swatching!

I’m binding off on The Shawl right now. Then it will be washed, blocked and on it’s way to my swap partner. I really like the i-cord bind off, but it’s a little bit tedious to do (hence why I’m taking a break and posting about yarn on the way instead of doing it).

I have decided that I will not completed MS3. I don’t think the design is for me. For now, I think I will take it off the needles and let the yarn go back in the stash until I’m ready to knit it into something else. I’ve got Icarus on the needles right now, so it will pretty much just take it’s place for the lace I’m working on.

I’m getting a lot of things finished up or off the needles, I’ve already got tons more things I want to knit. Right now, though, I’m going to try and keep it to a minimum and not cast on for a ton of projects and I’m staying out of swaps for the rest of the year because I think I’m burnt out of swaps right now. I’d been doing swaps pretty steadily for a little over a year and I need a break. I’m just not finding a whole lot of joy in it at the moment and money is tight, so a break will do me good! Some things I am (like knitting!), but others (stuffie swap), not so much. I’m just lacking in energy to do all the things I did last year with that swap. I was then, too, but I was not working, so the little energy I did have could go to taking care of the swap things. The requirements aren’t as high this time, so that’s a good thing. I’m sure it will turn out fine! As soon as The Shawl is off and the stuffie is on her way home, that’s it for swaps for me.

So… what’s on your needles? Itching to cast anything on? Next project? Tell me about it!


For those that live in the area, you know it’s been insanely hot and today has been the worst day of the summer, in my opinion.  It was 105 degrees F outside!  As a result of this horrid heat, our house doesn’t keep as cool as we’d like.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s older and doesn’t have enough insulation or what the deal is, but we are running our air conditioner 24/7 and it doesn’t get below 80 degrees F inside. UGH! Too darn hot for me.  It’s been difficult to get some sleep because it doesn’t get much better at night.

Anyhow, it’s late (getting close to midnight) and I’m sitting here knitting on The Shawl (which is almost done, btw – two more rows and the bind off left!) and I’m thinking about needles that I don’t really want an interchangeable set, which is great because I have a sizeable needle collection right now.  I was trying to remember the last time I bought some needles and at first I couldn’t. Then I remembered that not long ago, I bought some US size 3 DPN’s because the set I had got lost somewhere.  Then I was thinking about the i-cord bind off that I’ll be using on The Shawl and how I don’t think I have US size 11 DPN’s and I am NOT going to buy any, but I don’t like the method that’s described in the pattern by constantly slipping the stitches back to the left needle, knitting them off, then slipping them back.  Yeah… no.  I’m totally not wanting to do it like that.  So I’m trying to think of a plan to avoid it, thinking about how I cast on stitches for a sock holding two DPN’s together to get a stretchier cast-on…

… and that’s when it happened.  Delusional knittin brain kicked in.

I thought to myself, "You know, you could have avoided buying those US size 3 DPN’s.  Since you have more than one set of each needle size, you could have just used a US 1 and US 2 held together while you knit because 1 + 2 = 3!"  As soon as I thought it, I realized this would totally not work and would be a huge pain in the butt to even attempt. 

But I had to post this.  I mean, how could I not?  It’s funny the things knitting does to a person on occasion.  Just makes all reason jump out the window (or maybe that’s just me… haha).

The Weekend

My WIP list has dwindled a little bit. I’ve frogged some things because they weren’t working out, or I just did not want to finish them. The Noro Log Cabin blanket was frogged because I didn’t really want to make it into a blanket and now I have a different idea of what I will do with it. I swapped the Lana Gatto Summer yarn which I attempted to make T-Twist Tee with, but that didn’t work out (and I didn’t much care for the colors for me). The Big Bad Baby Blanket was frogged because I finally decided that there was no way I’d ever finish it and if I were to finish it, it would just sit in the stash waiting to have a purpose. The cabled bag I was working on is on hold right now because I don’t know if I want to frogg it or not and MS3 is currently in the same category. I’m not sure I’m really liking what the finished shape will be for MS3, so I’m going to wait and see how other people’s turn out first.

I’m nearly done with the shawl. This is what it currently is looking like, without giving too much away:


I started another pair of socks with some Socks That Rock yarn I had in my stash. So far I like how they’re coming out. I’m working on Erin’s blanket occasionally. I’m trying to get the shawl done, though, so that’s taking up most of my knitting time. It takes a while to do one row now, but I’m pretty close to the end, so I’ll be able to work on it more soon.

Yesterday Crafty Mands and her hubby invited me over for dinner and after we saw the new Harry Potter movie. I had a good time and dinner was really good. Thanks for having me over! We will have to get together again soon :o)

I’ve been looking for fabric to make the shirt pattern I bought a while back and I haven’t found anything at JoAnns, Hobby Lobby, or Super Wal-mart. I was starting to get a little frustrated and thinking that I would have to result to ordering online somewhere. I had heard of a store that I might be able to find something at so today I made a trip up to St. Theresa Textile Trove. They have a lot of very unique fabric and they also carry quite a selection of beads. I had really hoped to find something for a shirt and there were a few fabrics I wouldn’t mind using, but they are kind of expensive. If I’m going to pay $20 for fabric, why don’t I just buy the shirt? I don’t feel the same about yarn, but for things that are sewn… I guess I just don’t have the same feelings. It’s probably because I don’t sew nearly as much as I knit. At any rate, I bought two fat quarters to make a Leetle Bag, enough fabric for another grocery bag (all fabric was 25% off), and some neat beads (which were 50% off):


On my way home I remembered that there’s a Hancock Fabrics in Newport. I stopped on the way home and found some very nice fabric for only $1.97 a yard. I also bought two more fat quarters for a Leetle Bag and some cording for closing it up:



After that I was pretty tired, so I headed home. I was going to try out the pattern, but I’m just too tired. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to try it out and also make a few more grocery bags and Leetle Bags.

Well, I’m going to get off the computer for a while and work on the shawl. Hope you had a good weekend!

This and that

I’ll warn you now that this post has little knitting content and no photos.  If you’re here for the knitting and not the chatting about my life I do now and then, read the first and last paragraphs for the knitting stuff.

No photos of the hat yet.  Well, none that I really like anyhow.  I forgot about getting some pictures of it outside yesterday and it was my dad’s birthday, so I spent time at my family’s house doing some low-key celebration.  By the time I got back home, the daylight was gone.  I did manage to make some veggie bars yesterday for the monthly pot luck knitting night (which is tonight).  Really, it needs to sit overnight to make it good.  It’s not one of those things you make and serve right away.  (You could, but I don’t think it’s as good.)  I was going to be lazy and do it today after I got home from work, but I knew it wouldn’t be as good, so I made it yesterday and I’m glad I did.

Next week, Nick’s parents are coming out to visit and bring Nathaniel back before school starts.  I’m a little mixed about the visit.  I feel like I haven’t done enough to unpack and though the house is clean, there’s spots of clutter that I’d like to clean up.  I’ve been wanting to do this anyhow, regardless if they’re coming out or not, but I’m usually so tired that I just want to sit and knit when I get home from work or on the weekends.  Work can be stressful and it really wears me down most days.  I have little energy as it is, so clearing the clutter is one of those things I’ve been saving for a day when I feel more into it.  Looks like I’ll be trying to get that done this weekend!

While I’m on the note of stress, my doctor and I had a small chat about it yesterday.  I see a chiropractor three times a week right now because of my back problems.  This is my third week.  Yesterday I was pretty stressed out and worked up over my day.  Mondays and Tuesdays are my busiest days at work.  On those days I process early payroll and it’s no small task to get done.  Sometimes, if I don’t get everything done on Monday, I need to complete it Tuesday which can put me far behind where I need to be.  This past Monday I was feeling horrible (that once a month girl thing), worse than I have for years on that sort of day.  I couldn’t think straight, I felt like I just wanted to lay down, I had horrible cramping pains, aching pains, and back pains.  I didn’t get near as much done as I really needed to which made my Tuesday morning really, really busy with all the work that I didn’t finish on Monday.  I completed payroll later than I usually do and I always feel crappy when that happens.  By the time I went to the doctor, I was pretty spun up and stressed.  I hadn’t relaxed from my day.  He started me doing some stretching, which is good for overall physical well being, but also very good for my back.  After I was done, he asked me about my day because he could really tell that I was stressed out.  We talked a little about different things that can really relax you when you’re stressed and stretching is one of those things.  I really like my doctor and I’m so glad that Nick happened to talk to him that day at work.  He’s changed my life.  I have less pain now then I’ve had in two years.  I can walk and I hardly limp any more.  I know more about my condition then I have in all this time with pain.  This was my last chance before surgery and I’m glad I decided to give it a try.  Surgery is scary and nothing I want done to my back and now I have been able to feel better without it. 

Anyhow… I just wanted to throw that out there as a tip for those that get stressed about things.  Knitting is a great stress relief, but after stretching yesterday, I felt relaxed and calm by the time I got home.  Good stuff!

The prayer shawl is coming right along.  I’m about half way done now and using up yarn more quickly it seems.  I know it’s because it’s bigger now, but I’m a little worried I may run out of yarn!  I have 6 skeins left, though, so I think I’ll be okay.  It’s big enough now that I need a bigger project bag for it.  My MS3 is coming along okay.  I haven’t done much work on it, but easy knitting has been my thing lately.  I did get some of Erin’s blanket done this week, though.  I’m almost at the half-way done mark, which means it’s nearly time to change colors.  I’ll post a photo of it soon since I can’t really describe it well.  If you’re on Ravelry, there’s a good picture of it on my project page.  It’s tan and dark brown.  With my Sockapalooza 4 socks done, I’ve cast on another pair of socks, but I haven’t worked on them much since I’m trying to get the shawl done.  This weekend I think I will be sending off some yarn that I don’t think I will ever use.  It’s going to go to a good cause and if you have yarn in your stash you aren’t using and don’t think you will use, this is a great place to donate it: Interim House.  There’s also the Community Healthlink Gateway Program.  So, if you’re looking for a place to give some yarn, there’s two for you!

Well, it’s back to work with me.  Have a good day :o)

Ravelry, The Weekend, and Mention of an FO

There’s so much that I like about Ravelry.  I have seen more patterns than I have since I started knitting.  I try and keep up with what’s out there, but it’s difficult since there isn’t any real resource out there to find all these things.  Now that Ravelry is here, I’ve found a lot more patterns I want to make.  This is, of course, good and bad.  Bad because there’s a ton more stuff I want to make now, good because I probably wouldn’t have found most of these otherwise.  For me, I could see a pattern in a book a hundred time and it just won’t do it for me… I won’t want to make it.  Put it in a different yarn or color and suddenly I have to have it!  I love how I can look up a pattern and see different people who have completed it.  It can totally change my mind about a pattern I didn’t like before.  I looked up "lace" today and came up with all kinds of good stuff.  I have more patterns that I want to make now, but it’s okay.  I’m still looking for the right scarf pattern for the lovely Evolution yarn I purchased at Knitter’s Connection, but I think a stitch dictionary should take care of that.  What I was looking for is a good use for the Kid Silk Haze I have left over from the Mrs. Beaton’s I made last year.  I may end up coming up with something on my own, but we’ll see.

This weekend was good.  Dinner was great on Friday and I had a lot of fun.  The yarn shop hop on Saturday was fun.  I got to visit a shop I hadn’t been to before and I really would love to go to again sometime.  Plus now I know about more shops that I haven’t been to yet.  Must plan another yarn shop hop again, soon.  I was so good and didn’t even buy anything.  I almost came home with a pattern for a Noni bag, but decided to wait on it for now.  I knew if I got the pattern, the yarn would have to come home with me, too, and right now I don’t even have a washing machine at home to felt anything, so holding off is a much better idea at the moment.  I’d be bummed if I knit the whole thing then had to wait a long time to felt it.  After the shop hop, I went to The Beach waterpark with my mom and sister.  Despite the earlier not-so-great weather (it was very overcast and looking like it would rain), it was sunny by the time we got there.  I went on some water rides and had fun floating in the Lazy River.  The first ride I flipped over backwards on and swear I thought I would die, but I didn’t.  I did get a headache for a while because I think water went up my nose when I flipped over.  The movie they played after the park closed was "Flushed Away" which I thought was both cute and funny.  While it was playing, I knit some on the Prayer Shawl I’m working on.  I’ve used up 4 of the 10 skeins of yarn I purchased.  I think I’m nearly half way done now.  It’s taking no time at all!

Today, I completed the Shedir hat I was working on.  As of right now it’s not going to anyone, but there’s a small chance it might.  We’ll see.  I have more than enough yarn for a second one and I’m really thinking about making another just to use up the rest of the yarn.  I may be able to get some photos up of it today if it’s still light enough when I get home tonight.  It’ll be about 8:30, though, so I doubt it.  Tomorrow, then, if it’s sunny.  This really does need some natural light to really get the right photo of the color.

Well, I really must be getting back to working.  I just needed a little break for a bit!  This day has been dragging by and I’m ready to go home and knit a while.