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Purple Sweater and Pink Knee Socks

I have decided on what to use the Wool of the Andes sweater yarn for. I even did a swatch, washed it and blocked it. For something like a sweater, I usually swatch, but I’m not always on top of the washing/blocking thing. I’m learning, though! I figure that if I’m going to put so much effort into something, I should make sure it’s going to turn out right.

I’m going to be making Notre Dame de Grace pullover from Interweave Knits Summer 2007 issue. At first, I didn’t much care for it, but looking back on it now, I quite like it! I showed it to Nick and he immediately said he liked it very much and thought it would look nice in the purple yarn I purchased. I even have more than what I need in terms of yarn yardage for it. I actually got gauge on US 7’s, which surprised me. I don’t know why, but when I measured the swatch the first 10 times I thought my gauge was totally off. I kept looking at the pattern and my gauge swatch and for the life of me couldn’t figure out why I was so off. I must have kept getting the numbers in my head mixed up. Today when I looked at it again, I realized I was spot on. I’m finding it difficult to not cast on RIGHT THIS SECOND, but I’m going to be good right now and at least finish the socks I’m working on before I get going on another project. I want to make the Sock a month KAL deadline! I’m done with one sock and I’ve already cast on for the second. I doubt it will take me long to finish it.

On another note, I was requested to knit something for a friend of mine. He requested that I knit him bright pink knee high toe socks. Yes, my male friend requested this. (And for the record, no, he’s not gay.) I can’t quite figure out why pink or knee high or toe socks, but how can I not love something that’s pink and will become toe socks? He’s a very good friend and I’m more than happy to make them for him. I already have a good idea of what to do with the pattern. He says he’s going to wear these to play soccer, so I’m thinking ribbing from top to bottom would be a good idea since they will stay up better. I will be knitting these somewhat blindly because he lives in California and is going to email me the requested measurements. I’ll have no way of knowing if they will really fit until he gets them (no trying on as I go). You know, I must really think of him as a good friend because he has size 11 men’s shoes and knee socks are no small thing and toe socks are something I haven’t done before. I think about it, though, and I’m more than willing because I rarely get asked to make anything knitted for anyone and I always WANT to knit things for people, but not if it won’t be appreciated or wanted. I’m actually really excited about knitting them!

Now I just need to pick out the yarn – anyone know of some good bright pink sock yarn?