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New Twist Collective

I don’t often mention whatever new knitting/crocheting magazines or online knitting/crocheting publications have recently come out. No real reason behind it other then most of the time patterns don’t strike me as MUST KNIT right away. It’s usually after I see an FO from a pattern that I’m suddenly going “I need to cast this on NOW.” On first glance, patterns just don’t jump out at me in that way. Occasionally, though, they do.

Twist Collective Fall 2011 was published yesterday and there were two patterns that really jumped out at me right away as things I’d like to knit.

Asher & Eadon from Twist Collective
Asher and Eadon

On the left is Asher and on the right is Eadon.<p.

Despite my "no sweaters until I reach my goal weight" thing, I'm very tempted to cast on Eadon very soon. Since it's intended to be worn with some positive ease and it's an open cardigan, I'm thinking I could knit it in a smaller size with very little to no ease and then it will still fit me when I reach my goal weight, just a little looser. I'd likely not make it quite so long since long sweaters make me look shorter then I really am.

Asher, I’d wait to knit since it’s more fitted. I still really like it and will probably put it on my “to buy for” list for Rhinebeck.

There’s definitely some other patterns in the new Twist Collective that are on my maybe list. There are some sweaters that I like the idea of, but would want to see more FO’s, maybe some with modifications, before deciding to knit, like Epiphany (I like the yoke, but I’m not into oversized sweaters). I like Hosta, which might be a good challenge project for me since I’ve not been able to master brioche stitch when I’ve tried it before. I also like Litchfield. The hat has an interesting construction and looks like it wouldn’t hug the head too much, though I’m not certain I’d knit the mittens.

Are there any patterns that have recently been published that are must knits on your list? Anything in the new Twist Collective?