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Zypher Needles, All Spun Up SAL, & Knitting while Reading

Have you seen the new Zypher Acrylic needles from Knit Picks? Recently a few in my knitting group got together and did a big Knit Picks order (yay free shipping!) and Karen got a set of US 4 tips since she already has the nickel-plated interchangeable set and we were both interested in trying them out. I’d heard a lot of good things before trying them. Last night I got to try them and I have to say that I’m not a fan at all. The best way that I can describe them is that they feel squeaky in my hands and sticky. I was knitting with Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn and while it felt quite soft in the skein and knitted up, it felt awful to knit with on the Zypher needles. The yarn actually felt like Red Heart while knitting it on these needles (not that there’s anything wrong with Red Heart and I use it myself, but if the yarn isn’t Red Heart and is a soft wool sock yarn, it shouldn’t feel like that while knitting). I was rather disappointed by them. In fact, there were a lot of us at knit night that tried them and everyone was saying the same thing: they’re sticky, they squeek, and this lovely soft wool feels like Red Heart when you knit with these needles. After having a chance to knit with them, I don’t think I’ll be buying a set for myself. I still want a set of the nickel-plated interchangeable, though!

Earlier this week, I received my All Spun Up Spin-a-long fiber for August and September. It’s 50% merino/25%silk/25%bamboo and feels really soft. I can’t wait to start spinning it! When you order, you don’t know the color, so I knew I was taking my chances when I ordered 8 oz worth. I’ve received some beautiful rovings from her Etsy shop, so I felt pretty sure that whatever the colors ended up being, I’d probably like them. I surely wasn’t disapointed. Not normally colors I’d pick first for myself, but very pretty.

223/365: Spinning Along
All Spun Up SAL Fiber, close up

I think the color is closer to the previous picture, but here’s both 4 oz rovings.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before, but I do something that some knitters might think is crazy: I knit and read at the same time. I haven’t really admitted this publicly because I’ve heard knitters who also like to read say that they’d never do both at the same time. If I have a simple project, I’m able to prop the book open and read while knitting. Right now I’m reading My Life in France by Julia Child.

224/365: Knitting and Reading
I admit it: I read AND knit… yes, at the same time!

I’m not very familiar with Julia Child, but I’ve been meaning to get to know her for some time. When I was at Costco last weekend, I saw this book there and decided there’s no time like now! I’ve been reading this book and knitting Liesl at lunch this week.

Speaking of Liesl, I don’t have an updated picture, but it’s nearly done! I probably have another inch or to until I’m at the bottom, then I’ll knit the sleeves. I haven’t really decided on the length of the sleeves. I was thinking short sleeves, but I’m leaning toward 3/4 length now. It all depends on how much yarn I have. I think I should have enough for 3/4 sleeves since I haven’t even started on the 4th skein yet and it’s unlikely I’ll need to before I finish the body. Liesl has been the only project I’ve done much work on this week. I’m just really enjoying knitting it and even have plans to make a second one after this!

I still need to work on the Secret Garden Shawl. The final clue comes out tomorrow and I’m still working on clue #4! Ah well, I’ll get to it eventually, right? 😉