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New Year’s Goals, Socks, a Hat and Sweater Decisions

I wanted to post my goals for this coming year on January 1st, but the weekend seems to have got away from me yet again! I did have a great weekend, though. We went and saw Avatar IMAX on Friday. It was really good, but the 3D stuff made me really motion sick (3D combined with all that movement really did me in). We went to Hofbrauhaus after the movie and met up with a few friends for lunch. Lunch was great, but by the time we got in the car to head home, I was feeling really sick. Got home, took some Advil for the headache and took a good long nap. Made me feel MUCH better. The rest of the weekend we spend doing some housework. We finally put up blinds in the bedroom and computer room, unpacked and sorted Matt’s new tool box, I cleaned the bathroom, and Matt mopped and vacuumed. We even went grocery shopping for the week! There was plenty of “lazy” time, too, which made it all the more difficult to return to work today.

As for goals this year… my big two are to eat better and exercise more. I got a bit slack towards the end of the year (okay, a lot slack) about getting in any exercise. My back needs it if I want to stay out of the doctor’s office, so I absolutely need to do this. My plan is to use Wii Fit Plus and EA Sports Active Monday-Friday after work. As for eating, I’ve been reading The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged by Tosca Reno. I first saw the Eat-Clean concept on Wendy’s blog a few weeks ago. After reading up on it, I decided to get the book and improve even further on my eating habits. Overall, I think Matt and I eat pretty good, staying away from a lot of processed foods since we enjoy cooking, but I also think there’s room for improvement. For a long time I’ve wanted to eat better and have tried to get in as many whole, unprocessed foods as I can and eating clean really fits into my own concepts of what I should be eating. It’s not about losing weight for me (though I certainly wouldn’t mind), but about putting better things in my body and getting the exercise my body needs.

On to the knitting goals! Initially, for one of my knitting related goals, I was going to do the 10 Shawls in 2010 challenge. After being part of the Ravelry group for a while, it seemed to me like the definition of a shawl was becoming too broad for me, so I decided to drop out of the group. I know I’m not the only one who felt this way. Instead, I decided that knitting goal #1 is to knit at least 5 shawls this year. I have some ideas for patterns already and I’m counting anything that I finish in 2010 in this count (so the shawl that I’m working on for my grandma will be counted since it will be finished in 2010). Knitting goal #2 is to knit the Little Birds cardigan this year since I didn’t get to it last year. Knitting goal #3 is to knit with luxury fibers. I really want to knit with cashmere and maybe a silk/cashmere blend, so even if this means saving up my pennies and not getting other (cheaper) yarn, I’m going to do it! I already have some ideas for patterns and yarns.

So, there you have it. Goals this year:
– Exercise 5 times a week
– Transition to Eating Clean and keep it up
– Knit 5 shawls
– Knit the Little Birds cardigan
– Knit with luxury fibers

Not too bad of a list there! I might need to use that last one as a motivator for the first one, but I’m okay with that. Whatever gets me moving! 😉

This weekend, I started a pair of socks for Matt. Not too long ago, he asked me for a pair of socks to wear to bed. Of course, I immediately said I’d knit him a pair!

Matt's Socks
Matt’s Socks

I’m up to the foot now and since I’m knitting on 3 mm needles, I think it will go pretty quick. I’m using Berroco Comfort sport weight, which is an acrylic/nylon blend. I had it on hand and since he’s only using them to sleep in, I figure it’s fine for that. If he likes them, the next pair will be nice and woolly once I find a decent sport weight sock yarn to use.

I spent a fair amount of time working on my grandma’s shawl and it’s getting pretty close to where I need to knit the border, then seam it. I have 3 more repeats of the chart which should go pretty quick. I haven’t been working much on the hat I started since this shawl needs to be done this week, but I did take a picture of it to share.

Porom by Jared Flood in Elizabeth Lavold Sikly Wool

After the shawl is finished, I’m debating on what project to start next. I’d like to start a sweater, but can’t decide between starting Little Birds right away or Bernhardt. Hmmm, decisions, decisions! Maybe I’ll just swatch for both and then decide. 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!

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Christmas FO’s and a Trojan

Wow, how have I not posted since the beginning of December and it’s now the end of December? Where did all the time go? I suppose the holidays get to you like that. We’ve been pretty busy with various get togethers over the entire month, but I think things have finally slowed down. I kept coming to a block when I wanted to blog since most of the things I’d recently finished or was working on, weren’t things I could blog about yet. Now the gifts have been given and I can finally post about them!

The first gift I finished was a beret for my sister Kaylee.

Kaylee with her beret!
Kaylee’s Beret

Kaylee’s Beret

Pattern: Moss Stitch Beret (PDF) (My Ravelry project page.)
Started: November 8, 2009
Completed: November 10, 2009
Yarn: Shelridge Farm Soft Touch W4 in teal, 1 skein
Needles: US 3 and US 7 bamboo circulars and US 7 DPNs
Notes: I knit to 6 inches before the decreases instead of 5.5 inches like the pattern called for. That was an accident, but it worked out fine. Otherwise, I followed the pattern exactly and it was a pretty quick knit.

The second gift I finished was a bucket hat for my sister Caitlin.

Caitlin is stylin' with her hat
Caitlin’s Bucket Hat

Caitlin’s Bucket Hat

Pattern: A Better Bucket (Ravelry Link) (My Ravelry project page.)
Started: November 10, 2009
Completed: November 11, 2009
Yarn: Shelridge Farm Soft Touch W4 in pink, 1 skein
Needles: US 7 bamboo circulars and DPNs
Notes: I knit this as written except the cast on. I didn’t really understand the cast on that was talked about in the pattern, so I just did a provisional cast on and it worked out fine.

The third (and final) gift I finished was a pair of socks for my mom.

348/365: Socks
Mom’s Sunday Swing Socks

Better photo of the yarn color.

Pattern: Sunday Swing Socks (My Ravelry project page.)
Started: November 14, 2009
Completed: December 14, 2009
Yarn: Three Irish Girls Finley Fingering in Seacoast, 1 skein
Needles: US 7 bamboo circulars and DPNs
Notes: Only change I made was to knit to a smaller stitch count on the foot. I decreased down to 14 stitches on the sole (16 on the top) for a bit more snug fit. I kept working on other things while working on these, otherwise I think they would have been done a lot sooner!

I finished my Long Sleeve Leisl, too, but it doesn’t have buttons yet and I haven’t taken any finished pictures of it (or Multnomah), so I’ll post about that later on.

I finished up a little Trojan this weekend for Matt. He’s now on Matt’s desk, but I took a few pictures before I sent him off.


Trojan – side view

Pattern: Trojan from Creepy Cute Crochet (My Ravelry project page.)
Started: Not sure
Completed: December 26, 2009
Yarn: Various Bernat acrylics
Needles: F, G, and H crochet hooks
Notes: I don’t remember when I started this, but I put it aside for a long time because the first head I crocheted didn’t come out the proper size for the helmet. Body and helmet are done in a G hook, head in an H hook, and the red part on top of the helmet was done with an F hook because it would have been too long otherwise. I think he turned out great!

Right now I have a total of three projects on the needles: a shawl for my grandma’s birthday, the scarf for Matt, and the Porom hat. I just finished the first half of the shawl for my grandma’s birthday.

362/365: Half of a Shawl
Hardenburgia Shawl

I made some changes to the border to make it flow better. I’ll go more into detail on that when I finish it. Matt’s scarf doesn’t really look any different and I haven’t taken pictures of the Porom hat yet.

The holidays kept us pretty busy visiting family, but it was good overall. Hope your holiday was a good one!

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FO’s Galore, WIPs, and Sweaters

FO’s – I’ve got them! I finished a beret this weekend (I don’t think I even posted progress pictures here), I have pictures of my finished Springtime Bandit, and I’ve knit two doll dresses.

Pattern: Springtime Bandit (My Ravelry project page.)
Started: October 13, 2009
Completed: October 20, 2009
Yarn: Tilli Thomas Plie in “Midnight Borealis” (I used about 2 2/3 skeins)
Needles: US 6 bamboo circular
Notes: I added one body repeat to the shawl since I knit this with smaller yarn/needles then the pattern called for. Still made it a decent size and you could really add as many body repeats as you want without messing up the last chart (as long as you knit a full repeat of the body).

Springtime Bandit
Springtime Bandit

Springtime Bandit
Springtime Bandit, detail

309/365: Me and the Bandit
How I usually wear it.

I finished up this beret on Saturday. It’s the first beret I’ve knit and first hat I’ve knit for myself that I think I’ll actually wear.

Pattern: Periwinkle Beret (My Ravelry project page.)
Started: October 29, 2009
Completed: November 7, 2009
Yarn: Oasis Farm Fiber Mill Angora/Silk/Merino (I think this yarn is 170 yards)
Needles: US 1 (2.25 mm) Knit Picks DPN’s and US 2.5 (3.00 mm) Addi circular and Knit Picks DPN’s
Notes: I purchased this yarn at Rhinebeck and I can’t remember what the percentage fiber content or yardage is. I believe the yardage is around 170 yards per skein and I didn’t use up a full skein on this hat (pattern calls for 200 yards DK/Sport weight). I will say to trust the pattern for the tubular cast-on. I couldn’t figure out how it would work, but I trusted the pattern, did what it said, and I really like how the edging turned out. I will definitely make another beret with this pattern sometime! (Pictures are all pre-blocked, it’s currently drying.)

My Beret
My new beret!

My Beret
Side view.

My Beret
Back view.

Last week, I knit Olive a dress. I used some left over yarn from my Secret Garden shawl (Unique Sheep, Green Sheep Fingering in the “Hearts on Fire” colorway) and the Lati Yellow Dress pattern. I modified the pattern to fit my Dal (Olive) by adding 4 rows after the sleeve bind off, then joined it in the round to work the increases then skirt portion. I added a piece of yarn to tie a bow around where the increases are to add some waist shaping. The edge of the skirt rolled a bit, so I blocked it which helped a lot. I closed it in the back with a snap, but next time I think I’ll do buttons instead. It gave me a good idea of how to knit clothing for my dolls and I think I’ll be able to use what I learned to knit clothing for them in the future (since there aren’t a lot of knit patterns out there). My Ravelry project page can be found here.

"Do you like my new dress?"
Olive shows off her new dress.

I didn’t get a picture of the back of Olive’s dress, but it looks similar to Penelope’s (see below).

Friday, I started what was going to be a top for Olive, but turned out to be a dress for Penelope. I made this pattern up as I went. I wrote down what I did and I want to make another one, but with more waist shaping, then I’ll probably put the pattern up on Ravelry. I did two button holes on this one (instead of snaps), but I haven’t sewn on buttons yet, so I’m not sure how I like those results over snaps. Here’s Penelope modeling the dress pre-blocking. I did block the dress to hopefully spread out the skirt some. We’ll see how that turns out once it dries. My Ravelry project page can be found here.

Penelope's Knit Dress
Penelope shows off her new dress, pre-blocking.

Penelope's Knit Dress
Here’s what the back looks like, pre-blocking.

Since I finished up the beret, I started on some Christmas knits, which I can’t share until after Christmas, just in case the intended recipients don’t see it. Aside from that stuff, I’m working on a pair of socks and a shawl for myself.

The shawl I’m working on is Mulomah in Little Red Bicycle’s Cupcake Sock (80% superwash merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon) in “Princess Whatever.” I think I’m in love with this yarn. It’s great to work with and I definitely want to get another skein to knit socks out of sometime.

Beginnings of Multnomah.

The sock I’m working on is a plain striped top-down sock. I’m using Vesper in “Spooky.” I know I’m a little late for Halloween, but I did start them the week before Halloween and I still plan on wearing them regardless of if it’s Halloween or not! 😛 I’m actually getting close to the heel of the sock, though I don’t have an updated picture of it.

305/365: Halloween Sock
Spooooooky sock!

I do have the Featherweight Cardigan on the needles, but I’m kind of board with it and thinking about ripping it back to do the increases differently, so it’s been put aside for now. I’m considering casting on for a different sweater since that one is on hold. I can’t decide if I should wait until my Christmas knitting is done or just start it now. I also can’t decide on which sweater to start! The three I’m wanting to knit are: Little Birds Cardigan, Climbing Vines Pullover, and Cottage Garden. I also have yarn I want to knit the February Lady Sweater with, but I’m planning on doing that for the Ravelympics in February. Thoughts anyone?

Off to a fairly good start this week. It’s only a 4 day work week, there will be sushi on Wednesday, and a game day on Saturday. Hope your week is a good one!

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Shedir Hat, Cigar Gloves, Lakeside Socks, New Pattern, & a Lost Mitten

I have two finished projects to share today!

The first one is a hat I was commissioned to make for a friend. I had kept it rather hush-hush here on the blog because she said I could use whatever pattern and yarn I wanted, so I wanted it to be a surprise. Well, she received it in the mail yesterday and took a fantastically fun picture for me today! (The picture and the hat totally suit her!)

Pattern: Shedir from Knitty’s Fall 2004 Surprise
Started: January 16, 2009
Completed: January 28, 2009
Yarn: Cascade Heritage in red
Needles: US 3 bamboo circular and DPN’s
Notes: I did one more repeat of the main cable portion then I typically do and I think it worked out well. Other than that, no changes! I really do love how this hat comes out and no matter how many times I’ve knit it (this would be the 4th if you’re counting), it’s still enjoyable.

Anaya's Hat
Also, in this photo, she’s wearing a scarf she knit! She just started knitting not too long ago and she’s already addicted. Another knitter added to the fold! :o)

Pattern: Cigar, modified to have full fingers/thumbs
Started: January 18, 2009
Completed: February 3, 2009
Yarn: Berroco Comfort DK in black
Needles: US 3 bamboo DPN’s
Notes: The only big change that I made is to make the thumb and fingers closed instead of open (full fingers/thumbs). On the second glove, I decided to pick up more stitches on the cast on edges of the fingers/thumb and then decrease them the very next round. This helped close up the gaps much better and if I ever do gloves again, I will do it this way. Doing it like that made for less holes I needed to close up when weaving in the ends. This was my first time making gloves. I have to say it was a bit fiddly to do all the fingers and thumbs, but wasn’t too bad (and went quickly!). There were a lot of ends to weave in!

Ta da!

One thing I did learn in making these is how to weave in ends “properly.” I’m sure however I’ve been doing it works just as well, too, but I never really did know how to weave in ends “the right way” or the best way, so I did the “fake it til you make it” method up until this point. Being curious about it when face with so many ends to weave in, I Googled it and found this very helpful Knitty article. I guess I had just never really put that much thought into it before now. I think it looks a lot neater this way and I’m glad I bothered to look it up.

Since I finished up the gloves last night, I cast on the pair of Lakeside socks I’ve promised to the same friend pictured above with the hat!

35/365: Beginning of a sock

Today, I was checking my Google Reader and saw a post by Grumperina showing a beautiful scarf. As soon as I saw it, I wanted to knit it. As I read more, I saw that this is a new pattern from her. The pattern is Mother of Pearl and it’s a free pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns. Very pretty! I have just the yarn for it already sitting in my stash.

This morning, as I was leaving the house, I realized one of my mittens were missing. I searched around the kitchen table where I would have left it and couldn’t find it. Searched a few other places in the house and I still couldn’t find it. I didn’t think much of it, just figured I’d left it in the car, but when I got to the car, it wasn’t there either! I’ll look again when I get home tonight. I’m pretty sure I’ve somehow lost it between getting out of my car and going into the house last night. Thankfully I was already planning on making myself new mittens and have the yarn for them. I just wasn’t planning on having to make them so soon. I was more planning on making them by next winter, but I may need to move that date up if we keep getting snow like we have been!

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Four finished knits.

I have FOUR finished things to share today! I’ll go in order that they were finished.

First up is a hat I made for my dad for Christmas. It was a quick, easy knit and only took one skein of yarn. He loves it!


Pattern: Jacques Cousteau Hat
Started: December 8, 2008
Completed: December 15, 2008
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease
Needles: US 4 bamboo circular and DPNs
Notes:Easy pattern, came out great! I did change the top a little bit and did decreases every round when I thought I was getting close to running out of yarn. I think this helped keep it from not being quite so pointy.

The second thing is a hat I made for my sister for Christmas. A felted hat.

Before felting:

On me:

On Matt:

After felting (on my sister):

Pattern: Felted Hat
Started: December 20, 2008
Completed: December 22, 2008
Yarn: Cascade 220
Needles: US 13 bamboo circular
Notes: I had to felt part of it by hand because the washer wasn’t really doing the job and I didn’t want to keep feeding the machine quarters. It did NOT come out that great and was a disappointment. Should I ever make this pattern again, I will not make it as long as the pattern says. Didn’t turn out the way I expected at all and isn’t wearable. I’ll be making her a Harry Potter scarf to replace this.

Next up is the Gable sweater. I have some hate for this sweater because of the pattern not really giving enough information/detail. I had to wing it once I got to the neck area, but I think I did a pretty decent job and I’m pretty happy with the end result. I still need buttons for it, but they are on the way from an Etsy seller: The Button Shop.

Gable Sweater

Pattern: #28 Vihervaara -huppari / GreenGable -hoodie from Vogue Knitting Fall 2008
Started: October 11, 2008
Completed: December 27, 2008
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Needles: US 10.5 bamboo circulars
Notes: I don’t even know where to start. The pattern was fine until you got to the neck/yoke area. I knit the large size. There was a lot of fiddling I had to do to keep it in pattern and not look ridiculous or decrease in the wrong places. I did try and get help through the Ravelry group without much luck and even contacted the designer through Ravelry but received no response. I don’t know what happened or if it was Vogue leaving something out or if the designer did. I had to fiddle with the hood edging a lot, too, and after knitting it 4 times, I think it came out pretty good. I have something like two pages worth of notes of what I did to fix it and make it look good without messing up the cable area. I have never been so happy to finish a project ever. I think I will get a fair amount of wear out of the sweater and I’m anxious to get the buttons on it so I can start wearing it out places. I’m going to send it in a trip in the washer to get rid of some of the excess dye that stained my needles quite a bit before I wear it or put the buttons on it. I do like the end result and it’s a very nice sweater. If I do decide to make this again, I’ll probably leave off the hood.

The last finished project I have for today is the Noro scarf I’ve been working on. I seriously love this scarf. Since it’s been done, I’ve been wearing it around the house for no real reason other than loving it!

Noro Scarf

Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf, as written down by Jared Flood
Started: December 9, 2008
Completed: December 27, 2008
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden (color 255) and Noro Silk Garden Lite (color 2032)
Needles: US 5 straights
Notes: I absolutely love this scarf. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I don’t usually care for knitting scarves, but I couldn’t put this one down. I loved seeing the colors emerge and couldn’t wait to see what came next! I would totally make another one, without even thinking twice. I really don’t know if you can even pick two “bad” colors to go together. I wasn’t sure these colors would work, but the end result clearly says otherwise!

It’s the last day of 2008, the ending of a great year that brought many, many good changes and things to my life along with some bumps in the road. I am expecting more great things to come in 2009 as I continue to grow and change in the best ways possible. I don’t do resolutions, but I do like to set a goal or two for myself for the upcoming year. I’m going to embark on the 365 project with some Plurk pals (Flickr pool) for next year. With the new camera Matt gave me, I’m hoping to get better at taking photos more often (and perhaps blogging more often because of it) and improving my photography knowledge and skills. We’ll see how it goes!

Next time, I’ll tell you about Christmas and what I’m working on now that I’ve finished all these projects!

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Back from Vacation with a FO

Vacation came and went. It was fantastic, though! Great food, did some sight seeing, and enjoyed each others company. Still waiting on Matt to upload the pictures he took so I can share them with you. We did a cooking class while we were there at Charleston Cooks, which is right across the street from the hotel we stayed at. It was a “Weeknight Dinners” class where they teach you new and quick things to make for dinner. It was a great class and really renewed my desire to get in the kitchen and create again. I also discovered that I like salmon! I had tried salmon previously and didn’t care for it because I found it too fishy tasting, but in the class we broiled it with sour cream and whole grain mustard on top and then toped it with a tomato butter sauce. It was so yummy! The first thing I wanted to make when we returned home was the salmon dish and it was really good! It only takes about 5 to 8 minutes to broil on high and while it’s in there you’re finishing off your sauce. I want to make this again really soon. We also did this marinated pork dish, which was tasty, but the best part was the instant marinater used! It’s a plastic container that has a little hole in the top with a pump you put over it and you suck all the air out. When you release the air, the meat sucks up the marinade. Each time you pump out all the air, it’s like marinating for an hour. Needless to say, we brought one home with us!

Here’s all the loot we brought home after the cooking class:

New Cooking Toys 1
Click here for the Flickr photo with notes on what we purchased.

Here’s a close up of the two tools I’ve used the most since coming back:

New Cooking Toys 2
Grater (for garlic!) and garlic peeler. LOVE these!

A better picture of the instant marinater:

Instant Marinater

We haven’t used the marinater yet, but soon enough! My big purchase while there was when we went to the Le Creuset outlet store. I have wanted to own anything from Le Creuset for a long time and I finally got my chance to get something. I decided on a wok. An orange one. I got it at quite a discount, too :o)

Le Creuset Wok
My prrreeecccciiiioooouuusssss….

I did manage to get quite a bit of knitting done on the way down and way home since we drove. I finished a hat and got half-way done with a sock. While we were there I didn’t do much knitting other than when we watch the election coverage on the 4th. The hat I did was done in a few hours on the way home and I made it to donate.


Pattern: Beaufort Hat by Angela Hahn (Ravelry link – only available as a Ravelry download)
Started: November 8, 2008
Completed: November 8, 2008
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, about 1/2 skein
Needles: US 6 bamboo circular and DPNs
Notes: Quick knit, easy pattern to memorize for me. I cast on 96 stitches since I was working with different yarn and needle size. The extra repeat (12 stitches) made it the perfect size. I think it was a bit on the short side so if I were to knit this again with the same yarn, I’d and an extra inch or two before working the decreases (it decreases rather quickly!).

That’s all I have for now. I have some other projects I want to post about, but that would make for an even longer post! In my next post I’ll tell you about two socks I’m working on, revisit the Gable sweater, and the mittens I just started. Plus whatever else I might have on my mind ;o)

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Hot Head FO and What’s on my Needles

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have been meaning to post and show you my one completed Nine-to-Five sock that’s been done for a while and the Clapotis I started (my first!), but I either forget about posting or think about it when I don’t have time to.

Life has been a little crazy for me with a lot of recent changes, though the holidays were fairly easy and painless. It’s all the other stuff giving me trouble at the moment. I’ve been working at my new job for a while now and I’m enjoying it. It’s far less stressful than my previous job and I love my schedule (I work 4 days and have 3 days off), but I get home a little late which doesn’t leave me a lot of time to do things in the evening. I don’t really mind that, though, because it’s not like I do a whole lot at night anyhow. The weather changes have been all over the place and it keeps going from warm to snow. I think that’s been driving my body a little batty with all the changes, but what can you do? I think I’ve faired pretty well with it and I know the lack of job stress has been helping.

Anyhow… this is a knitting blog, so on with the knitting!

Here’s my one completed Nine-to-Five sock:

The second sock has been knit up to the heel flap, so I should have a completed pair soon!

Next up is Clapotis:

I’m using Noro Lily Multi, which is discontinued. I purchased it from someone on Ravelry a while back. I absolutely love the colors and how it’s knitting up. I think it was an excellent choice for this pattern and I think it will be something I love once it’s done.

I have been working on my Starlight sweater again. Not a whole lot, but I’m getting close to starting the arm hole decreases. I forgot how much I love working with the yarn! I need an updated picture of it in good light, but the weather hasn’t given me sun while I’m home in the last few days. I’m going to wait until there’s some sun to take pictures so I can properly show the color of the yarn and better show the cables.

I scrapped the mittens I mentioned here because I didn’t like how they were coming out. They were a bit too tight on me. I also haven’t posted about another hat I made.

Pattern: Hot Head from Stich ‘n Bitch
Started: Early December 2007
Completed: Early December 2007
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick
Needles: US 10.5 bamboo straights
Notes: None. I’ve knit this hat 3 times before and it’s a really quick knit. I don’t even remember the day I started it, but I worked on it knitting a few rows here and there, completing it in about 3 days.


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An FO and an update.

I’ve been a bad blogger.  It’s been over two weeks since I last posted! 

Mittens were scrapped.  They were too tight.  I did find my old ones, though, so they have been keeping my fingers toasty while I’ve been working on these ones (PDF link) instead:


I’ve been knitting here and there on various projects.  My UFO pile is getting pretty big.  I have one project that I want OFF THE NEEDLES by the end of the year.  Possibly one other to gift for Christmas, but that may not happen.  Not worried about it if it doesn’t.  The rest will be done whenever they are done.  That’s the nice thing about knitting for yourself and not really for other people.  I do have one project that needs to get done this week – a very simple, bulky knit hat for Nathaniel.

I did manage to start and finish a project this month, though.  Sometimes it’s really nice just to finish something! 

Pattern: Hannah, Mag Knits December 2007
Started: December 4, 2007
Completed: December 7, 2007
Yarn: Malabrigo Merino Worsted, 1 skein, held double, color: Polygala
Needles: US 10.5 bamboo straights and circular
Notes: None… the pattern was fairly easy and straight forward.




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A quick FO report – Foliage

I think I just needed to finish something instead of ripping it out or feeling like I’ll never be done.  Problem solved!


Pattern: Foliage
Started: Sept. 25, 2007
Completed: Sept. 26, 2007
Yarn: Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Superwash
Needles: US 7 bamboo 16" circular and DPN’s for body of hat, US 4 bamboo 16" circular for ribbing
Notes: This was a pretty quick knit. I think I worked on it a total of 3 hours. If I were to knit this again, I’d go down a needle size as it turned out a little big. I like that for me because I don’t wear many hats and when I do, I don’t want them to mess up my hair, so a little loose is good. Overall I’m happy with how it turned out.

Here’s some more photos…




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Shedir #3 FO

Today I was able to get some photos of my finished Shedir hat, the third.  I really do like the rich coloring of the yarn and it didn’t take up as much yarn as I thought it would.  I still have enough yarn left for another hat or maybe a lace scarf.

Pattern: Shedir (link to PDF) from Knitty, Fall 2004
Started: July 1, 2007
Finished: July 30, 2007
Yarn: Kindred Spirits Yarn in purple
Needle Size: US 3 bamboo circular and DPN
Notes: This is the 3rd time I’ve knit this pattern and I’ll probably knit more in the future.  I really like how it comes out, it’s well written (though I do the last bit of chart on my own because as written, it makes a little "nipple" at the top), and it’s enough patterning to keep me interested.  It goes quick enough that I don’t get bored with it either.




For those that don’t know, I collect stuffed animals from the Build-A-Bear Workshop.  I have 10 so far and yesterday I added another to the group:


This is the special edition Autumn bear.  Her name is Sasha :o)


Well… it’s time to go get some dinner.  Have a good night ya’ll!

PS: Anyone know what to do with a bunch of scrap yarn?  I used to get yarn samples from the Yarn of the Month club and I have a box full that I don’t know what to do with.  I have everything from lace to bluky yarn.  Suggestions much appreciated!