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Felted Bag, complete with lining

Tonight, after getting some goodies (which I will post about after sharing my FO), I finally sewed in a lining on the felted bag I showed you last week, so now it’s really an FO!

Pattern: Loosely based on Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick, very modified
Started: October 17, 2007
Completed: October 19, 2007
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Worsted, M-34 Victorian Pink
Needles: US 10.5 bamboo 16" circular
Notes: The fabric cost $.96 on sale at Jo Ann’s – one fat quarter was plenty to line the inside.  I even used fuseable fleece to give it more support.  I really like how it turned out!  I think I may make another using Cascade 220 and make it a little bigger (wider, maybe just a bit taller).  I made tons of notes on the pattern so I know what to modify next time.  If I make it again, it will pretty much be my own pattern then since nothing will be the same as the actual pattern anymore! 

Here it is before felting:


And after:


And complete with the lining and button:



I really like it and I’m sure I’ll be using it soon enough :o)

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Apparently I like to sew (read: Sewing FO!)

I saw a tutorial a few days ago for this boxy sort of bag.  I’d been seeing them around the net and had been wanting to make one.  While I was at Walmart, I found some cheap fabric ($2/yard), so I bought 1/2 of a yard of two fabrics to make one along with some matching thread and a zipper.  Today, I finally sat down and made it.  It’s a bit fussy to do, but I like the results a lot!  Total, this project cost me around $4 – how sweet is that?  I love good deals :o)

Here’s the completed bag:






Yellow isn’t a color I’d normally pick, but I really liked the gold/brown of the outter fabric (I think it’s some sort of upholstery fabric, it’s rather thick and canvas like).  I love it!  It’s about 9 inches long and 4 inches tall and wide.  It’s currently holding Wisp, which fits great inside.  I may make another at some point, but I think I have quite a few project bags right now.  Maybe it’s time to make a tote or two!

I think next weekend I’m going to invest in a rotary cutter and mat.  I have a 50% off coupon and JoAnn’s sells Fiscars Rotary Cutting set that comes with the mat, rotary cutter, and clear ruler.  It’s also fairly big (18" x 24") which I think will serve all my sewing needs well.

Don’t worry, though – I haven’t been completely sucked into the sewing world.  I’m still knitting.  Here’s proof:


I started it on Wednesday and felted it last night.  It’s still drying and I want to sew in a liner, so I may not do an FO report right away on it, but the knitting part is all done! 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I’m off to the library with my sister :o)

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Where I talk about lots of FO’s!

Alright, here’s a bunch of photos from Christmas FO’s that I wasn’t able to post when they were done (they were all wrapped up and I didn’t want people to know what they were getting should they happen upon this here blog!):

My mom got a pair of Mrs. Beeton’s:

Both my sisters got pairs of Fuzzyfeet:

And Nick’s mom got Branching Out (made with Soy Silk! Sorry, no photo of her with it, but there is one of me from when I finished it in the car on the ride down to Florida!):


And since I’m posting photos of finished things….. I finished a modified (two cables instead of three) Irish Hiking Scarf yesterday made out of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk yarn! Finished length is 60 inches and I completed it in 4 days. Florida is great and all, but there’s not a lot to do sometimes except knit (of course!).

The Shetland Triangle has also seen some love since we’ve been in Florida:

I’m on the second ball of yarn and it’s progressing well.


I don’t know if I mentioned it, but Nick’s mom taught me to paint! Here’s the bag I painted:

Nick’s mom is a One Stroke instructor and she gave me a little lesson and I panted this bag. I love how it came out and I think I did pretty good for my first try! This coming Saturday we’re going to a watercolor class together and I’m pretty excited about it :o)


Since we ARE in Florida, we’re going to Disney World tomorrow. I’m pretty excited about it since I’ve never been. Me, being the knitter that I am, know that there will be lines to wait in and I will be bringing a small portable project: a sock! I’ve been dying to work with this fall yarn I bought a long while ago and decided that Monkey would be the perfect pattern for it. Just enough pattern to keep me from being bored and not so much that it won’t do the hand dyed yarn justice. Good choice, eh?


Happy New Year everyone!

PS. I know I haven’t been blogging too much lately (limited net access here), but I’m doing my best to keep up with everyone!

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Kristina Bag

In a matter of a few days, I’ve completed the Kristina Bag. After I saw the one Knitlet made, I couldn’t wait to have my own. I liked the contrast of the white as the main color, so in spirit of the Stash-a-long, I dug into my stash and came up with some Noro Kureyon in color 88 and Patons Classic Wool in color 201 (Winter White). It was a pretty quick knit and it took no time at all to felt. I did learn some new things in knitting this: Fair Isle and how to knit holding yarn in both hands (left and right – usually I only use my right hand to hold yarn). Overall, I’m really pleased with the results. The only thing left to do is sew in a liner and a zipper.

On with the photos!

Before Felting:


All Dry:

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Suki Bag

My finished Suki bag!

I used Elann’s Peruvian Highland Wool.

All felted and ready to be used! (I was a bit silly and didn’t take photos of the pre-felted bag *pouts*)

Open from the side – she sits up nicely :o)

From the top:

Instead of sewing the handles on, I did them similar to the Booga Bag and just knotted them:

And here’s me posing with my new bag!

The colors came out fantastic, IMO. The pictures really show the colors well.

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Booga Bag

Here are the photos of my Booga Bag, pre and post felting :o)

Pre felting:

The colors are pretty accurate of the yarn I used (Noro color 90[?]). Before it was felted, the bag measured 13″ x 13″.

This is the i-cord. I think it was about 6 feet pre felting.

Post felting:

This is the bag being blocked (front view). It measures 9″ high x 9″ across x 5″ wide.

This is the bag being blocked (side view).

This is the i-cord after being felted. It measures about 5 feet long.

Here is the bag all put together!

This is a side view showing the knots.


All in all, I think it came out very nicely for my first try at felting :o)