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No Interesting Knitting and a Winner

I’m still working on Eadon, but the progress isn’t all that exciting to share. I’ve had to rip back the right front twice now. Once because I was doing the cabling wrong and only realized it after getting halfway through a second cabled section. Second time was last night when I realized that I missed the last cable of the first section as I was about to start the second cabled section. I think I’m all sorted out now, though! I’ve been working on nothing else in the last week and a half because I want to make sure I get this project done in time.

Haven’t been feeling great this week. The allergy index has been 10+ every day since Saturday, which is when I started feeling pretty terrible. It seems to be making me not all that interested in knitting anything. I keep looking at other projects I have on the needles and just going “Meh. Not interested.” Not really all that interested in knitting Eadon, either, but since it’s on a deadline, I work on it whenever I can. I have two ChaioGoo Red Lace circular needles in sock sizes coming in the mail today. Maybe starting a new sock will help my knitting mojo. Thinking a plain sock with some stripey yarn in fun colors may be just the thing.

Alright, alright! I know why you’re really here today. The giveaway, right? So… it’s Thursday and that means it’s time to pick a winner for the Selbuvotter book giveaway! There were a total of 22 comments (it says 23, but one is a pingback from me) and out of the comments, the random number generator picked….

Number 11, you’re the winner!

Comment number 11! That comment was from Sheila OKeefe. Congratulations Sheila! I’ll be emailing you for the details on where I should be sending the book. 🙂