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Blocking, Buttons, Stripes, and Sweaters

Look at what’s blocking!

Button-Up Neck Warmer and Liesl, blocking.

I hadn’t planned on blocking either of these yesterday, but I got home before Matt and had some time to myself, so I washed and blocked the Button-Up Neck Warmer and Liesl. I also got some great buttons yesterday at Banasch’s. I think I might be slightly obsessed with wooden buttons. I can’t help it! They call to me and I want to put them on every project I make lately.

Pretty wooden buttons.

I’ll leave you guessing which buttons are going to which projects for now. You’ll see soon enough! 🙂

I was feeling rather bored with most of my knitting projects last night, so I brought out my Open Flame sock, pulled out the cast off, ripped back the ribbing, cut out the extra stripes so I could line it up with the current strip of the skein, and started knitting the leg longer. I thought that I’d like the shorter leg, but I just didn’t. I tried to convince myself it was fine and even started the second sock. I knew, deep down, that I wouldn’t be happy with it, though. It got set aside because of that until yesterday. I absolutely LOVE Vesper yarn and the stripes. Probably my favorite sock yarn for plain socks. I want to do something different at some point, but I just love watching the stripes take shape as I knit around and around and around and… 🙂

Open Flame Sock 1
Back on the needles, Open Flame stockinette sock.

I have to admit that some of the pictures I take and post here aren’t from my regular point and shoot camera. Many of them, like the one above, have come from my iPhone 3Gs. It actually has a great camera and I’ve taken some good pictures with it. This one is probably my favorite. So crisp and clear as if I’d taken it with my camera using the macro setting. I love having a camera with me at any given time and it’s great that this one takes such good pictures! Anyhow… I just wanted to share that since I’ve been rather impressed by it.

Have you seen the new issue of Twist Collective that came out yesterday? There’s a lot of great patterns in there as always, but the one that has captured my attention is the Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolda Teague. It’s knit side to side, in one piece, and comes in a wide range of sizes. I haven’t knit a sweater in this manner before, but something I have wanted to try. I just haven’t seen any patterns knit this way that have called to me like this one is! I had to restrain myself from winding yarn and starting it yesterday. I plan on using Brooks Farm Mas-Acero (55% wool, 30% Silk, 15% viscose) that I have in my stash. I was thinking of doing the February Lady Sweater with it, but my interest in knitting that has dwindled. Eventually I’m sure I will, just not right now.

In my stash, I have enough yarn to make at least 4 sweaters: Climbing Vines Pullover, another Liesl, Little Birds Cardigan, and Vine Yoke cardigan. Did you know those last three are all by Ysolda Teague? Totally not intentional, just so happens I seem to love most of the patterns she’s done! This year seems to be all about sweaters for me. I suppose after almost 2 years of being obsessed with socks, I’m not totally surprised that I’d move to something else at some point. Not to say that I’ll stop knitting socks (really, I doubt that will EVER happen!), but right now I’m all about knitting sweaters and I’m pretty inclined to give into that feeling. 🙂

What’s your favorite kind of thing to knit? What patterns are calling to you this time of year? I’d love to know!

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Emerald City, Nanners, and Buttons

Last night I spent two hours plying and skeining the lovely merino singles I finished spinning Monday night. I ended up with about 210 yards.

202/365: Emerald City - 210 Yards
Emerald City, merino, 210 yards

Emerald City - 210 Yards
Close up.

I really need to get a wraps per inch tool so I can get a better idea of the weight of yarn. Looking at it, it looks about worsted weight to me. I also need a niddy noddy to make it easier to wind skeins. I’ve just been using my swift, which works okay, but it’s a bit of a pain in the butt to do. A niddy noddy would make it a lot easier! I’m thinking about getting this one since it’s a) cheap and b) the same company that made my wheel. Eventually I’d like a nice wooden one, but this would do for now. I’ve even considered just making one out of dowels. I don’t know that I have the tools to do that, though. I wonder if just gluing some dowels together with Gorilla Glue or something similar might work. Anyone ever made their own niddy noddy?

Tonight I’m taking my “day of rest” (supposed to be Monday – the day I spent 4 hour spinning!) for the Tour de Fleece since tonight is knit night. Tomorrow, though, I’m going to be spinning up the batts I have from Gnomegarden. I was going to spin up one of the bumps of fiber I got from All Spun Up next, but with the Tour de Fleece ending on the 26th I wanted to be able to finish up one more bump of fiber before it’s over. Plus, I did want to see the difference of spinning with a batt vs pre-drafting a braid. I might have time to at least get started on one of the ones I got from All Spun Up, we’ll see. Spinning definitely isn’t going away once the Tour de Fleece ends, so I can still plan out what I want to do next! 🙂

I got the toe done on the second Nanner sock and started the lace pattern last night. I really like how these are turning out. The only modification I’ve made is that I did 2 x 2 ribbing instead of 1 x 1 ribbing. I didn’t even change the heel to a short-row heel! I will say, though, that this heel flap business seems to take SO much longer. After this pair, I’ll probably go back to short-row heels.

203/365: Nanners!
Golden Nanners!

Even though these socks aren’t done yet and I’m still working on both the Absinthe and the Open Flame socks, I’m already thinking about the next pair I’m going to knit. Me? Obsessed? Nahhhh 😉 I’d like to do another “quick” pair (thicker yarn/bigger needles), so I’ve decided I want to use a skein of Vesper I bought from a Raveler in Pumpkin Spice (special sock club colorway) and do the Tadpoles pattern. I think they’ll go nicely together 🙂

Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin Spice Vesper Sock Yarn

I decided on some buttons for Hey Teach and the Button-Up Neck Warmer, which I received on Monday. These buttons are from The Button Shop – probably my favorite place to get buttons.

The top buttons are for Hey Teach and the ones on the bottom left are for the Button-Up Neck Warmer.

I haven’t picked up Hey Teach in a week or so, but tonight is knit night and I plan on bringing it with me to work on. I’m up to the lace on the right front, which I think I can get done tonight and maybe even start on the sleeves. Hopefully I’ll have an FO to show you soon!

Happy Hump Day, everyone! 🙂