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FO – Belt!

The other day I bought a jacket at the GAP Outlet for $19.99 (original price was $148.00). The only thing wrong with it was that the belt was missing. It was SUCH a cute jacket and I needed a smaller coat to wear, I got it anyhow with the intention of knitting a belt for it. I figured I could use something with a little bit of tan in it, or variegated browns to give it some color and a different look. When I went to Michael’s I found the Patons SWS with pinks and brown and knew it would be perfect!

Pattern: My own – cast on 10 stitches, worked in garter stitch until all yarn was used, made it approx 50 inches long
Yarn: Patons SWS – 70% wool/30% soy, approx 110 yards
Needles: US 6 bamboo straights
Time: Started 2/9/07 , Completed 2/10/07
Notes: This is a nice yarn to work with and I love the colors!

Here’s the jacket on me (ignore the funny face I’m making):

And here’s a closer up photo of the belt on the jacket (I was too lazy to take it out of the jacket to take a picture of the whole thing by itself – sorry!):


In other news, I GOT A JOB! I’m pretty psyched about it! I start on Feb. 19th. Now Nick just needs to get a job. I’m going back to New York for the rest of this week and Nick and Nathaniel will be coming back with me since Nick has an interview on the 17th (cross your fingers for him!).


Keep on knitting and crafting!