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New Year’s Goals, Socks, a Hat and Sweater Decisions

I wanted to post my goals for this coming year on January 1st, but the weekend seems to have got away from me yet again! I did have a great weekend, though. We went and saw Avatar IMAX on Friday. It was really good, but the 3D stuff made me really motion sick (3D combined with all that movement really did me in). We went to Hofbrauhaus after the movie and met up with a few friends for lunch. Lunch was great, but by the time we got in the car to head home, I was feeling really sick. Got home, took some Advil for the headache and took a good long nap. Made me feel MUCH better. The rest of the weekend we spend doing some housework. We finally put up blinds in the bedroom and computer room, unpacked and sorted Matt’s new tool box, I cleaned the bathroom, and Matt mopped and vacuumed. We even went grocery shopping for the week! There was plenty of “lazy” time, too, which made it all the more difficult to return to work today.

As for goals this year… my big two are to eat better and exercise more. I got a bit slack towards the end of the year (okay, a lot slack) about getting in any exercise. My back needs it if I want to stay out of the doctor’s office, so I absolutely need to do this. My plan is to use Wii Fit Plus and EA Sports Active Monday-Friday after work. As for eating, I’ve been reading The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged by Tosca Reno. I first saw the Eat-Clean concept on Wendy’s blog a few weeks ago. After reading up on it, I decided to get the book and improve even further on my eating habits. Overall, I think Matt and I eat pretty good, staying away from a lot of processed foods since we enjoy cooking, but I also think there’s room for improvement. For a long time I’ve wanted to eat better and have tried to get in as many whole, unprocessed foods as I can and eating clean really fits into my own concepts of what I should be eating. It’s not about losing weight for me (though I certainly wouldn’t mind), but about putting better things in my body and getting the exercise my body needs.

On to the knitting goals! Initially, for one of my knitting related goals, I was going to do the 10 Shawls in 2010 challenge. After being part of the Ravelry group for a while, it seemed to me like the definition of a shawl was becoming too broad for me, so I decided to drop out of the group. I know I’m not the only one who felt this way. Instead, I decided that knitting goal #1 is to knit at least 5 shawls this year. I have some ideas for patterns already and I’m counting anything that I finish in 2010 in this count (so the shawl that I’m working on for my grandma will be counted since it will be finished in 2010). Knitting goal #2 is to knit the Little Birds cardigan this year since I didn’t get to it last year. Knitting goal #3 is to knit with luxury fibers. I really want to knit with cashmere and maybe a silk/cashmere blend, so even if this means saving up my pennies and not getting other (cheaper) yarn, I’m going to do it! I already have some ideas for patterns and yarns.

So, there you have it. Goals this year:
– Exercise 5 times a week
– Transition to Eating Clean and keep it up
– Knit 5 shawls
– Knit the Little Birds cardigan
– Knit with luxury fibers

Not too bad of a list there! I might need to use that last one as a motivator for the first one, but I’m okay with that. Whatever gets me moving! 😉

This weekend, I started a pair of socks for Matt. Not too long ago, he asked me for a pair of socks to wear to bed. Of course, I immediately said I’d knit him a pair!

Matt's Socks
Matt’s Socks

I’m up to the foot now and since I’m knitting on 3 mm needles, I think it will go pretty quick. I’m using Berroco Comfort sport weight, which is an acrylic/nylon blend. I had it on hand and since he’s only using them to sleep in, I figure it’s fine for that. If he likes them, the next pair will be nice and woolly once I find a decent sport weight sock yarn to use.

I spent a fair amount of time working on my grandma’s shawl and it’s getting pretty close to where I need to knit the border, then seam it. I have 3 more repeats of the chart which should go pretty quick. I haven’t been working much on the hat I started since this shawl needs to be done this week, but I did take a picture of it to share.

Porom by Jared Flood in Elizabeth Lavold Sikly Wool

After the shawl is finished, I’m debating on what project to start next. I’d like to start a sweater, but can’t decide between starting Little Birds right away or Bernhardt. Hmmm, decisions, decisions! Maybe I’ll just swatch for both and then decide. 🙂

Happy New Year everyone!