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A Wool Gathering

Saturday turned out to be a perfect day for A Wool Gathering.  The day couldn’t have been better. It was sunny and slightly cool and just… beautiful! The drive up was fantastic, even though we got slightly detoured and took the scenic route. I was able to wear my Rogue and received a number of compliments on it, which of course always makes me feel really great. I enjoyed about every single booth there as well as all the animals. I even got to have pumpkin ice cream (we were at a diary farm!), which was very tasty. I found some places that I will be visiting sometime in the near future because they aren’t all that far from me.

There were only a few things that I purchased while I was there. I bought some hand-dyed 100% hemp yarn (600 yards worth for $10), 4 skeins of Jojoland Fingering Weight Wool (880 yards, $12), and a really nice bag made by a Guatemala fair-trade company (for only $25!). I’m happy with my purchases and proud of myself for not going crazy with all the fiber and yarn there. I found some really nice things, but I passed them up because they weren’t things that called to me super strongly. I was able to see some yarns that I hadn’t before and now I know what they are like and feel more confident about buying them online when I find that right colorway. I learned quite a bit about spinning wheels and now have a much better idea of what I’m looking for and what that price range will be. All in all, I had a really good time!

I’ve been thinking about the Jojoland that I purchased.


Originally I thought this was more of a rose color, but apparently because of the red tent, I wasn’t seeing it correctly. It’s okay, though, because I still really like the purple color it actually is. I had planned on making a pair of the Clessidra socks which require about 880 yards of fingering weight yarn for a pair. This seemed like an awful lot of yarn for a pair of knee socks considering I have smallish feet, but I didn’t want to not have enough and at $3/each, I figured I could get the extra. Now, looking through Ravelry, I’m seeing that most people only used about 660 yards (give or take) for a pair. That would leave me with a whole extra one, which would mean yet another single skein in my stash that I have no clue what to do with. So I’m re-thinking the plan. I really like the color and there’s something I haven’t made yet that I would have enough yarn for: Clapotis.

I realize that I may be the last knitter to make this, but I just hadn’t found the right yarn for the project. I attempted the pattern before, but it was when I was an inexperienced knitter and thought that I can substitute any yarn for any pattern and knew nothing of this thing called gauge or yarn weights. I used Sugar ‘n Cream cotton. It didn’t work out – it was entirely too thick and I didn’t like it that much, so it was frogged. I think this yarn would be a good choice, though, and I have enough yarn for it.

Of course, I’m trying not to start new projects right now. I have one that I will be starting very soon, but aside from that one, I’m trying to clear the WIPs I have. This includes two sweaters, a shawl, a pair of socks (which is a given now), a scarf/shawl (Wisp), another scarf, a bag and a blanket. I think it’s the shawl that’s nagging at me because I started it forever ago. I have been working on the bag, but the cable rows are daunting just like they are on Starlight. I think the bag is my new "priority" because I know that if I actually work in it, it’d be done in no time.

There’s still a zillion things I want to knit right this second, but I’m determined to get some things done before casting on all those "new" projects I’m dying to make. So far, it’s working out pretty good. We shall see how long that last, though!

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I nearly forgot

A Wool Gathering is only two weeks away!  I nearly forgot about it.  I don’t know that I’m going to make the trip, though.  I really, REALLY want to, but if I go, I’ll want to buy things and the budget is pretty tight right now since I’m paying full price for my chiropratic visits right now.  Maybe I can figure out a way to spare a little extra, or at least go and look around – I can be pretty good about not buying.  This would be the first fiber fest that’s "local" for me.  It’s still about an hour to hour and a half drive, but that’s nothing, really.

Anyone local going to go or wanting to go?  We could carpool – I don’t mind driving.

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Last Update of Knitter’s Connection – Yarn P0rn

Before I jump right into the goodies I got on my trip, I want to let you know what I think about the Regia Bamboo that I knit my Monkey socks with. Compared to wool, I don’t think it’s as stretchy when you knit with it, however, once it’s knit up, it’s much more stretchy. It’s fairly soft and it feels light and cool on my feet. I really like it and am curious how it will be once I wash it (I don’t typically wash and block my socks – I wear them once then wash them, usually just around the house). I’ll report more once I wash them.

Alright, here it is! The yarn p0rn you’ve been waiting for! These are the goodies I got at Knitter’s Connection.

There were SO much yarn, fiber and knitting goodies (books, stitch markers and other things) that I wanted, but I was very good (and selective in my choices) and only got things that I knew I would make something out of. If I didn’t know what I wanted it to become, I was good about putting it back. Man was it tough, though! There were a lot of great vendors who had all kinds of amazing things (like Habu for example!).

They had a special “Yarn P0rn” at the live Lime & Violet podcast event on Wednesday evening of the event which showcased these beautiful silk scarf kits that were to be sold at the Knitter’s market by Fiberworks:

I knew before I even went to The Market that I’d be taking one of these home with me. It’s so light and soft and beautiful. The neatest part (for me anyhow) is that you make the yarn out of these really think silk hankies. You just pull it off and knit from that. No spinning involved. They were an incredible steal, too. I figured they’d be a little pricey, but the kits were half the price I thought they would be. I came home with this one for myself (I bought two – the other will have to be shown at a later date):

The other yarn that was talked about the night of the podcast was this new yarn from Chameleon Colowrks. It’s called Evolution. It’s a 100% Merino wool that feels like silk! Seriously! You have to feel it to believe it. It has been mechanically stretched to enhance the softness, shine and drape. It’s soft, a little shiny (like silk), and drapes wonderfully. It’s perfect for next to the skin wear. I got two of the “Figgy Pudding” which will become a lace scarf (I’m totally into the lace scarf thing at the moment, as well as garter stitched things – what’s up with that?):

I also picked up a little something else from the same booth that will be shown at a later date.

The last thing I picked up was this Interlacements scarf kit that has Tiny Toes yarn, beads, and a pattern. I was going to pass on it, but I just COULDN’T. I admit this was a little bit of an impulse buy for me, but I think it will be lovely once it is knit up. I suppose I’ve gone a little backwards in that I didn’t start with scarfs, but now that I’ve knit sweaters and lace and a lot of other things, I’m wanting to knit scarfs. Strange. It’s a bit bright, but I’m told that I could totally pull it off. We shall see!

I will also show this, since it is part of what I got while I was at the convention. This is the bag of goodies I got as part of the “package” of classes, events, and membership I purchased.

So, that’s what I came home with! I was thinking of doing a video entry of this, but who knows when I would be able to get to it and I know you all have been wanting to see what I got, so I figured I’d just make a post of it and perhaps later I will do a video entry :o)

One last thing…. I learned to spin!! I really, really want a wheel now, but I’m sure that won’t be coming any time soon. The class was good and I finally got the hang of drafting and preparing the fiber. I learned quite a bit about spinning and spinning wheels. Shannon Okey, author of Spin to Knit was the teacher. She was a lot of fun, very friendly, and very helpful.

Here’s what I had after class – my very own yarn!

Alright, well that’s all I’ve got for now! I’m busy resisting the urge to cast on for a number of products right now and trying to get that vest done. Happy crafting all!

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Morning Class at KC and Quilting Show

I am SO glad that I’ve been able to record thoughts and things as I go through this, rather than after. Today was long despite only having one class in the morning. I’ll start with that and work my way through the rest of the day.

Got to my 9 am “Changing Numbers” class taught by Maureen Mason Jamieson. The class was all about taking a pattern, adjusting the size up or down, shorter or longer in parts, or a different gauge/weight of yarn (bigger or smaller). I somehow thought this was a ton more difficult then it actually is. I think it’s just because I felt overwhelmed by it. I have an idea of a “practice” thing that I’d like to do, but not 100% sure on it yet. The class was great and I learned a lot of things I didn’t know. I feel pretty confident about changing patterns now. I think the next thing that I’d like to do is take a designing class. I’m hoping to be coming next year and I think by then I’ll be much more ready for something like that. I’d like to have some time to play with adjustments on existing patterns first.

I had lunch at the North Market which was REALLY good (must remember to come up with Nick sometime because I’d love to explore it with him). After that, I went to the Knitter’s Market and spent some money. I may have spent a little more than I should have, but I splurged because this is the last time I will be buying yarn for quite a while, I think, so I figured I’d make it good. I got some really great things! I won’t reveal all now (I know, what a tease I am!), but I’ll do it tomorrow when I get home so I can say some really lovely things about the shops and my purchases. I’ll show a bit of the market. I didn’t get very many good photos today, but I’m hoping I can tomorrow. I get a little shy about taking photos because I don’t want anyone getting mad at me, though I sort of doubt they would. Anyhow, photos:

After the market, I went to the Quilter’s Show that right down the hall from where Knitter’s Connection is being held. It cost to get in, but it was well worth it. There were some AMAZING quilts. Seriously. If anyone would like to see some photos I took, let me know and I will post them! Again, I am wanting to try my hand at it. I managed to find a lovely quilting kit that doesn’t seem to difficult and seems much more manageable than my last attempt (with all those horribly small blocks!). If I can’t get it this time around, I found a fabric/yarn shop (great combination, don’t you think?) that has quilting classes and I will sign up and learn. Here is the kit I got:

I don’t know if you can see it well in the photo, but it’s a few blocks that make a table runner. It’s great spring/summer colors and I think it will come out nicely. I picked up these two magazines with some of the winning quilts that you couldn’t photograph. The one in white was the big prize winner. I saw it up close and it was amazing. The detail was incredible. My gosh I just can’t put it into words!

At the show there was a special section: Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative (Alzheimer’s: Forgetting Piece by Piece). I didn’t get to see all of them, but the ones I did see… well frankly I broke down and cried. One in particular that just struck me so hard and even when I was telling Nick about it and as I think about it again now, I get all choked up and ready to cry. If you get a chance, go see these. They are… incredible. There just aren’t words. I would really love to get the book that shows all of them.

After that, I went to my hotel room for a bit to rest up for the Author’s Reception at 7 pm. I made it there and chatted a bit with some folks, had some pretty darn good food, and added some books to my list of “wants.” I didn’t stay the whole time because I was pretty dead tired. I headed out early and back to my hotel. Got a bit of a second wind and decided to put this post together before it all fell out of my memory.

Tomorrow, I will be learning spinning. I’m thrilled that I will finally learn how to spin after a year of having a drop spindle and fiber sitting in my stash. I’m aware I’m only feeing the fiber addiction further, but I’ve been wanting to learn for quite a while, so I’m ready.


Yesterday I finished my Monkey Socks. Took me a while, but they are DONE!

Pattern: Monkey Socks
Started: April 20, 2007
Finished: June 7, 2007
Yarn: Regia Bamboo Color
Needle size US 1 (2.5 mm) bamboo DPN’s


Well, I’m going to bed because I’m pretty tired. I have a class tomorrow and then I’m headed home. Take care and I’ll be posting again tomorrow!

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All Day Class at KC

I have SO much I want to say! Today was wonderful!

I got there about 7:45 and checked in. Upon check in, I got my name badge, class and event tickets, and a bag with magazines, a book, and yarn!

I want to preface this by saying these are the first ever knitting class I’ve taken. I’ve learned everything from a book or online and occasionally a thing or two from my knitting groups. That being said, I had a GREAT first experience!

I had my class “25 Tricks of the Trade” taught by Candace Eisner Strick. My goodness is she funny! She made us all laugh quite a bit and I don’t even know where to start with all of the things I learned. There were a few things I already knew how to do, but there was so much I didn’t know and had a lot of “Ohhhhh! That’s soooo cool!” She lives in Connecticut, which I think is pretty cool since I used to live there. My knitterly Connecticut friends should take a class by her if you get the chance because she does quite a few local classes. So, since I can’t detail out everything, I’ll show you a picture of the swatches that we practiced on and learned on in class:

Yes, that is CUT in that photo. It’s not as bad as I ever dreamed it would be and she talked a little about steeking and helped me get over that fear of venturing into that whole realm.

Knitter’s Market was open today. Oh my! There was so much beautiful things there! I didn’t take photos because I was so…. well, taken back by all the wonderful things! Tomorrow I will be getting a few things and I will be sure to take photos. I didn’t get through everything because I needed to eat dinner after my all day class before Cat Bordhi’s lecture.

My gosh the lecture!! Socks… nothing but talk about socks! Cat has a book coming out the end of July all about unique sock architecture. It’s different than anything I’ve seen. Amazing stuff! I don’t own any of her books, but I’ve wanted them for some time. I really want this book when it comes out. It’s the first in a three part series about socks. If you like sock knitting, you’ll have to at least take a look at the book when it comes out – you’ve never seen anything like this before!

I wore my Jaywalker socks today and I got so many compliments on them! It made me feel so good that people were oooing and ahhhing over my socks :o)

Oh and I can’t forget this! I met some knitter’s who are part of the Middletown, OH Knitter’s Guild! I was sitting at a table this morning, enjoying some tea and knitting before class started and they came and sat by me. Turns out that one of the gals was in my class today, so I got to know her pretty good and I had lunch and dinner, enjoyed the knitter’s market, and the lecture with them. I was even invited to come to the guild sometime since it’s really not that far from where I live – the gal in my class, Teresa, offered to bring me as a guest! How cool is that! We exchanged information and hopefully we can get together soon. Having met some new people that don’t live too far from me really made my day!


I’m participating in the Little Visitor Round 7 Swap on Craftster. If you’ve been reading long enough, you may remember that Shelia went on a trip last summer to Washington DC. Shelia’s getting ready to go on another little trip.

I’ll be sending her out this weekend to Florida for her summer vacation :o)


Alright, I must be getting to bed. I have a morning class tomorrow – Changing Numbers. Should be interesting!

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First Day at Knitter’s Connection

I made it to Columbus with no problems. I got to the hotel around 4:30, got settled and ready to go to the hotel to catch Lime & Violet’s live podcast. I downloaded the backlog of episodes some time ago and listened to a bunch today and earlier in the week. My gosh are they funny! I was pretty excited about getting to be at their live taping. The hotel I’m staying at is as expected. Nothing fancy, but

I got there just in time and found out that Violet fell ill and wouldn’t be there. Lime hosted the podcast with someone running the event (I forgot her name). Of course, it wasn’t quite the same as Violet being there, but i was still a good time and had quite a few laughs. They showed some of the things that will be at the market – yarns, fibers, and extras.

They were talking about doing a special taping tomorrow at lunch time if Violet is feeling better. I hope she’s feeling much better now and it’d be really neat to get to attend a second taping.

Tomorrow I have my all day class: 25 Tricks of the Trade. It starts early in the morning and I have to get there extra early to register (missed that today because I didn’t come early enough!).

Well, I need to get some sleep. Night all!

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Knitters Connection

I am on vacation after tomorrow. I’ll be headed to Columbus, OH for Knitter’s Connection from the 6th to the 9th. I found a hotel at a very reasonable rate about 10 miles from where they are holding the convention. I wanted to stay at the hotel, but the cost per night is as much as I’m paying for 3 nights. I will have internet access while I’m there, so I’ll try to post things as they happen so I don’t forget them. I should have a fridge and microwave in the room, but you never know, so I’m prepared with food funds while I’m there and also have a list of decent, reasonably priced places to eat that are not fast food (because I really don’t like and can’t stomach most fast food these days). The parking will be interesting and I’m hoping that maybe I can get a cheaper rate then what the closest parking garage’s offer, but I’m prepared to pay for it, should there be no other options. I’ve got my homework for my classes done and my camera is ready to go.

I’m excited, but also very nervous. I had hoped to be going with at least one other person that I knew, but I’ll be going it alone. I’m not good at sticking myself out there and meeting people and in groups I tend to just stick to myself while everyone else segments off into their own little groups inside of the group/crowd. I’m fine on my own for short trips or going to the store or other various things people do on their own all the time, but for something like this… well, it’s always better to go with someone or meet someone there – much more fun in my experience. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of fun and I’ll learn a lot, I just know it’ll be a little lonely at times and I’ll feel completely awkward much of the time (as per the usual).


I’ve been knitting on my Monkey socks and hopefully they will be done very, very soon!