Current Projects and Projects Calling Me

Before I got sidetracked with all the commissioned knitting, I was moving right along with the mystery knitting.

I finished through clue 2 on Pattern B of the Woolly Wormhead Mystery KAL. I started working on clue 3 this past week, but I’ve only done a row or two here and there when I’m sitting at my computer at home since I have it sitting on my desk.

Pattern B
Woolly Wormhead, Pattern B

I started working clue 2 on Pattern A of the Woolly Wormhead Mystery KAL, but then decided my yarn was too variegated for the cabled pattern, so it has been frogged. I’m sure I’ll try it again at a later date. The finished hat is really pretty! You can see the finished version on Ravelry here.

Pattern A
Woolly Wormhead, Pattern A

I got quite a way on my Opposites Attract Mystery Sock, too. I managed to finish through clue 3 on the second sock and just start clue 3 on the first sock. Love the yarn and pattern! I’ve seen the finished socks from a few folks and I can’t wait to get mine done so I can wear them.

OA Mystery KAL (Clue 3)
OA Mystery Sock

OA Mystery KAL (Clue 3)
OA Mystery Sock – Side

Featherweight has been set aside for the moment, but I plan on getting back to it and finishing it before I start another sweater. The Sock Knitters Anonymous Mystery KAL hasn’t been touched since finishing clue 1. There’s something about the yarn I just feel eh about. It’s not colorful or exciting and I just can’t seem to bring myself to knit it. I do want to finish it since I like the finished socks, but I probably won’t get back to them until I finish the OA Mystery socks. As usual, my queue keeps building up and there’s not enough time in the day to knit it all! There’s a number of projects that I want to make that are really calling me.

Projects Calling to Me
Left to right: Volna, Zaubertote, and Boteh Scarf

The only one I don’t have yarn at the ready for is Volna, but one of the local yarn shops carry the Noro Kirameki, so when I’m ready to start, I’ll go pick some up. I have yarn and patterns for Zaubertote and Boteh Scarf sitting on my desk waiting for me to start! Just trying to clear a few things off the needles (and finish the baby sweater) before starting any of them. Are there any projects that are calling to you lately?

Tomorrow, here in the US, it’s Thanksgiving. We’ll be having meals with Matt’s family early in the day and my family late in the day. Now I must go bake pies in preparation for tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving everyone🙂

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