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Spring Fling 2010

I’ve been contemplating which I want to do first: FO’s or a Spring Fling wrap up. I decided I should write about the Fling while it’s still fresh in my mind. 🙂 (Warning – photo heavy post!)

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Spring Fling hosted by The Loopy Ewe. From the time I arrived, to the time I left, I had a fantastic time! It was so much fun to meet the folks I’d been chatting with and getting to know on Ravelry through the Spring Fling group (or elsewhere on Ravelry), Plurk, and Twitter.

I posted pictures on Flickr, here, but here are a few of my favorites with the recap.

I left the house at about 8 am and on the way to St. Louis, I picked up Lana. It was nice to not have do do the whole drive solo. I met her at a local yarn shop, then we had lunch and headed on our way. We made it to St. Louis around 3:30 pm (EST, so really 2:30 pm St. Louis time) and got settled in. At check in we got our Swag Bag.

Swag Bag!
Swag Bag

The Swag Bag included: a messenger bag, Little Loopy, TLE mug, Wollmeise in a special Fling colorway, TLE stitch marker, sample of Baby Boom, a Wendy sock pattern, a scarf pattern, and a little book of various sized sticky notes.

The first night a large group of us enjoyed dinner at Casa Gallardo, which was organized by the fabulous Jen. As I expected, the service was a bit slow with such a large group, but it wasn’t a problem since I was in the company of fellow fiber folks!

First Night Dinner
First Night Dinner

After the dinner was the desert reception. I did take a few pictures, but they all ended up quite blurry. I got to meet my roomie, Lauren (who was great to room and hang out with!) at the desert reception since she got in a little later in the day. Friday I had the morning free to hang out and knit. I got to meet Stacy (of Tempted Yarns) and the Gray Ladies during my morning free. They are so fun to hang out with! In the afternoon I had Jared Flood’s sweater class. The class was fantastic and gave me a whole new love and desire to knit sweaters. I’m already planning on what to make next!

Jared's Sweater Class
Jared’s Sweater Class

On Friday night I had dinner at The Drunken Fish with Lauren and I can’t for the life of me remember who else. Typically sushi isn’t my first pick, but the last few times I’ve gone to sushi restaurants, I’ve really enjoyed it, so I gave it a chance. I had a Fried Philly Roll, which was really, really tasty. So good that we (Lauren and I) went again on Saturday night! (It helped that the second time we had coupons and got some happy hour specials.) Friday evening was pretty relaxing and it was great hanging out, knitting and chatting with people. At 9 pm there was a breakout session on photographing yarn with Sheri’s husband. I thought there were a lot of helpful tips, but personally they were mostly things I already knew (however it did seem that many people got a lot out of it and I’m aware that I know more then most).

Photography break out session
Sheri introducing her husband
for the photography session.

Saturday I had the morning free. I sat and knit with Leslie and Laura of The Knit Girllls in the morning and they are as much fun as they are in their videocast. The afternoon was spent at…. LOOPY CENTRAL!!

Me at The Loopy Ewe
Me at Loopy Central

Many previous Flingers warned that it’s a bit overwhelming and when I arrived, it definitely was. So much pretty yarn I didn’t know where to start!

Wall of Cascade 220
Wall of Cascade 220

There was even some Bugga and sock kits from last years club (and the first shipment of this years sock club). I decided not to get any of the kits or Bugga, but I didn’t come away empty handed by any means.

The Loot
The Loot

I bought five skeins of Fiberphile Merino Cashmere Sock in Turkey Hill (for a sweater), one skein of DIC Starry in Happy Forrest and one in Punky Fuchsia (for the Daybreak shawl), a sock blocker peacock, DPN sushi holders from Wants & Kneeds, and TLE red sweatshirt. The mug was a gift you received when you went to TLE.

After the shopping trip there was the group photo. While everyone was coming in to the area we would be taking the picture in, Wendy came up to me and said “I’ve been looking for you!” It was a “OMG you, Famous Knitting Designer were looking for me?!” moment for me! I’d left my copy of Toe-Up Socks for Every Body at home and hadn’t been brave enough to go up to her up to that point (I’m rather shy in person). It was great to meet Wendy and chat with her for a bit. 🙂

After the group photo, there was the Vesper photo. A thread was started on the Spring Fling board about Vesper and suggested that we get as many people going to the fling as possible to knit a pair of Vesper socks and then take a picture of all of them together.

Vesper Socks!
Circle of Vesper

Lina was kind enough to take a group photo with all of us and our socks, which you can see here. (I’m in the front row in my February Lady Sweater.)

Saturday evening was the door prize drawing with Sheri and one of the Loopy Elves. I didn’t win anything, but it was fun! We also got to hear some upcoming things happening at The Loopy Ewe (which Sheri has email about, but we got to hear it first).

Sheri and one of the Elves
Sheri and one of the Elves

Once the drawings and announcements were done, a group of Flingers got up to sing the Spring Fling song, which was written by Tammy. You can see and hear the whole song here.

Sunday morning it was breakfast then back on the road to head home. As always, wonderful events like this end too soon and seem too short! I had such an amazing and wonderful time. I’m so very glad I got to go this year and meet such fantastic people. I hope I can attend next year!


I’m a thirty-something who lives in Cincinnati, OH. Crafting, for me, started young - I can’t even recall a time I wasn’t crafty in some way. My first foray into yarn was doing plastic canvas embroidery and making Barbie doll furniture. Not long after that I learned to crochet from a book my grandmother gave me after asking to learn what she was doing (she crochets, afghans mostly these days). After that, I took up counted cross stitch and then came sewing when I took two fashion design classes in high school. My mom had a sewing machine from my great grandmother and I taught myself to sew from patterns on it. I still use this same sewing machine today! I started knitting in 2004 when a co-worker was pregnant with her first child and I wanted to make something for her. I bought a “learn to knit kit” from Lion Brand for a baby hat and booties set. I did make the baby hat and booties (with very few problems) and ended up gifting them to the co-worker. I wanted to make a blanket, but I wasn’t quite able to get that done in time since it took a lot longer then I’d imagined! It wasn’t until the end of 2004/early 2005 that knitting really took a hold of me. Now I love knitting and almost always have a project with me, even if it’s just something small when I’m out and about. I like a wide range of projects depending on my mood. Sometimes I like a good challenge knit and other times I enjoy a lot of stockinette or garter stitch. I love Ravelry for keeping track of my projects and for finding new things to knit - I feel like I’m always spending time on there! It’s also a great place for getting to know other knitters, crocheters, and various fiber enthusiasts. In the fall of 2008, I purchased a spinning wheel from someone on Craigslist. It’s a Babe Fiber Starter, single treadle wheel and after a bit of trouble getting used to it, I’ve managed to spin up some fiber. In January of 2012, I found someone local that was selling their Lendrum DT and it came to live with me! The Babe now lives with Jen (aka piddleloop) and she’s learning to spin. I’m still trying to find time to spin along with knitting, crocheting (occasionally), and whatever else is going on, but I work it in here and there. I’m sure there’s something I might have left out here, so if there’s anything else you want to know about me, just ask :o)

6 thoughts on “Spring Fling 2010

  1. Wow you really did some searching to find a link for the Gray Ladies, they will be so excited about being included to your post. It was a wonderful weekend and wish I had gotten to spend more time with you, what a whirlwind.

  2. Look at all that Vesper! Love it! I’ve thought about trying to go to spring fling sometime but I have a hard time wanting to swing the cost of airfare.

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