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How to fix a hole in your sweater.

I’ve been putting off updating because I’ve been lazy, but also because I was trying to decide if I wanted to talk about the hole in the sweater that I fixed and how much of it. With the help of some Plurk friends, I decided I’d show you what I did to fix my sweater! (Fair warning, this will be a photo heavy post!)

So about a year ago now, when I was moving all my stuff out of the ex’s house, I found my beloved Rogue sweater, which had been folded up in my craft room, had two holes in it. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. I was absolutely crushed by it. This was the first sweater I’d made for me. (The first sweater I made was Folly for my mom, which needs a different collar so she’ll wear it more.) I love this sweater and I had no idea how to fix it. Plus, at the time I was too heart broken about it to figure out how to fix it. It has sat in my stash for all this time, just waiting for me to get up the courage to try and repair the hole. I still have no idea what caused the holes in the first place. It really just looks like the yarn wore down in those spots.

Over the weekend, I was cleaning up my stash area and found the bag it was in with the extra yarn. I decided it was time to fix it. I sat down and looked at it. I decided that ripping out the row(s) and re-knitting would be the best way. There were two places there were holes, so I did one at a time. I started with the “worse” one.

Here’s the sweater:


Here’s a close up of the hole if you can’t see it that well in the above picture:


First thing I did was unravel enough of a hole so that the yarn bits were long enough to weave into the back of it.


At this point, though, I noticed there was another hole quite close.


Noticing this, I did some swearing, took a deep breath, and ripped another hole so I could fix this, too (might as well, right?).


I don’t have a decent picture of how I closed this up, but since it was only one row that I unraveled, I simply grafted it together. Yes, I’m crazy enough to just have the live stitches and graft them together. It’s similar to doing a kitchner and knowing how the stitches connect together, it wasn’t too hard to figure out (though it did take me a minute to get right). Here’s how it looked after I grafted it back together:


After that went smoothly, I tried to do the bigger hole, but it was late and it came out pretty awful. I put it down, quite frustrated, and went to bed, set to work on it the next day. I ended up dreaming about it and what I needed to do to fix it! So, the next day, I sat down, set to fix this sweater. I pulled out what I had done so that I had the live stitches back on a needle. Then I knit three rows. I did this by using a different piece of yarn for each row so I was only knitting across the stitches, but not back the other way (purling):


Next, I bravely took the needle out and grafted the live stitches together (last row, for 4 total rows “re-knit”). I got better shots of how I did this the second time around.

Here’s how I started:


If that’s not too clear with the stitches, let me show you how it looks with a little work done in Paint to show the path of the stitch:


I started by going up through the bottom of the first stitch, then up through two loops (first one through the front, second one through the back), then back down into the first stitch and into the one next to it from the back of the stitch. Above, I was working on the second stitch. Up through two loops, down through two loops, always in through the front on the first stitch and in through the back on the second stitch. Here’s what the needle looks like on the bottom (down) stitches:


Do this all the way across and it now looks like this:


Here’s what the back looks like (oh all those ends!):


After sewing in all the ends, I started on the second hole.


I ripped out a bigger hole:


This time when I knit it back up, though, I did it a little different. I knit one row and purled the second row. I think this worked out about the same as the “use new yarn each row” method, but was a slight bit harder to sew together and make neat (was a bit more fiddly).

After I did that, I was ready to graft it together, using the same method I used above. Once it was grafted, it looked like this:


I sewed up the remaining ends and here’s views from the front and back:



I was a little worried about how it looked, even after I was “done.” I hoped that it would look much better after a good washing and blocking! I think it definitely looks better after, but I’m not 100% happy with the first one I did because of the way I crossed/twisted the yarns when I was weaving them in on the back side. I did it differently on the second hole and that part looks better. I am satisfied with how it turned out overall, especially it being my first time doing this! In this picture you can see a bit of a line where the first “fix” I did was, but can’t really see any sign from the second one:

Fixed Sweater

My sweater is now wearable again!! I don’t think it was as hard as my brain made it out to be and now I won’t be so scared to do this should it ever happen again.

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Just Arrived

I stayed home sick today. I woke up a bunch last night and at 4:30 am I decided that it would be best if I just stayed home and relaxed. My throat was hurting so bad it was hard for me to talk without sounding awful anyhow, so having to talk to people all day would not exactly be my idea of fun! It ended up being for the best because I got some much needed sleep during the day along with lots of sneezing, coughing, and blowing my nose. Fun! (NOT!)

Since I was home, I finally got a chance to wind some yarn that’s been waiting for me.

Knit Picks Gloss

This will become socks for a friend. Specifically the Lakeside socks from Knotions, Winter 2008. I’ve not used Knit Picks Gloss before, but it feels nice and I think I will like working with it.

I’ve been moving right along on the gloves for Matt.

21/365: Fingers!

I actually finished all the fingers (not the thumb), but when he tried them on, 3 of the fingers were too long and need to be taken out. Shouldn’t take too long to fix, but I wasn’t overly excited to get right on it. Fingers on gloves are fiddly if you ask me, but I love him to bits, so I’ll fix it! Besides, why waste time on something that won’t be used? Best to fix it. I just needed to put it aside and work on something else for a bit.

So, today I worked on a hat that’s going to be sent off to someone. I’d post about it, but I’m making it a total surprise, so you’ll have to wait to see! I do like how it’s coming out, though.

I did venture out to Barnes & Noble today to see if the Simply Knitting magazine with the Sack Boy from Little Big Planet was there. I also wanted to see if the new Vogue Knitting was available. Both were, so I got them, along with the Never Not Knitting! page-a-day calendar from the Yarn Harlot because it was 50% off. I’ve been looking for it on clearance somewhere, but hadn’t seen it. It will go good on my desk at work!

Anyhow, while I was there, I saw this:

23/365: Just Arrived - President Obama

Just Arrived: President Obama! How could I pass up this shot? I simply love it.

Last night I had a dream that I actually was online when there was a Wollmeise update and was able to get two skeins. Then I was contacted about another skein, which I promptly said I’d take. I was clutching it my chest when I woke up and found that I was actually clutching my blanket to my chest. This was at 4:30 am. On a whim, I decided to check online to see if maybe there’d been a site update. Well, there was! And I’d missed it by about an hour. There was actually some natural, undyed yarn left along with some skeins of black. Not something I was interested in, so I passed. So funny that I’d dream about it and there was an actual update!

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Sleepover, FO, New President, and Sock Club

I’ve been meaning to blog for a few days now, but I’ve been distracted by other things or just plain busy!

This weekend we had a knitter’s sleepover. It was so much fun!! I can’t remember the last time I stayed up so late, but it was a blast and totally worth it. I’m so glad one of the ladies in the knitting group opened her home to us! I got a lot of knitting done, watched movies, chatted, and ate good food. I intended to take pictures, but I got wrapped up in all the fun and forgot! A lot of fun, though!!

I was able to finish the Hogwarts scarf while I was there, though. Well, the knitting and the weaving in of ends. I did the fringe when I got home. I’m so glad to be done with this project. It was a bit boring, but at least I could work on it while doing almost anything else since it didn’t require I pay a whole lot of attention to it. It’s just knit around and around and around and… well you get the idea! So, here’s the third finished project of the year:

Pattern: Hogwarts Scarf in Gryffindor colors
Started: January 5, 2009
Completed: January 18, 2009
Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Mustard and Brick
Needles: US 8 bamboo circular
Notes: I cast on 80 stitches instead of 70 because it fit around the 16″ circular better for me. Kept the same 22 rows before changing colors, though. Easy knit. It’s for my sister, who will probably get it this coming weekend.

Harry Potter Scarf - done

Recently came across this Polaroid program. Fun to play with! I did this photo of the scarf with it.



Since the scarf is now DONE, I can work on something else! Matt asked me to make him a scarf and some gloves that would work well with outdoor photography. Took me a while to find yarn, but I finally decided on Berroco Comfort DK. It’s quite soft and I’m hoping it will be warm, too. I’m loosely basing the pattern on Cigar, but one hand will be totally gloved (all fingers covered) and the other hand will have finger flaps for the thumb and forefinger. Haven’t decided on how I’ll work the “flaps” yet, so we’ll see how that works out! After working on the gloves for two days, I’m about to the fingers on the first one.

Fits Like a Glove


Yesterday I went for a second opinion consult on surgery. I’m having a test done next month and then I go back for a continuation of the consult. This pushes things back further than I wanted or expected, but I know that it’s the right thing to do. I’m just getting a bit impatient about it all. I want to be done already, but making the decision that is best for me is more important than making a decision just because I’m impatient.

Today is inauguration day. I was able to watch it on CNN on IPTV at my computer at work. This is my first time watching an inauguration and it was really great to be able to see it. I thought President Obama’s speech was moving and I teared up a little. He’s quite charismatic!


Last week, I saw that sign ups were open for the Loopy Ewe Sock Club. I hadn’t tried for a spot before and was thinking I should pass. It is a bit pricey and it’s a year commitment. I told myself I couldn’t really afford it, but I’d also been feeling a bit like a deprived child who says “But you NEVER let me get ANYTHING!!” Which, of course, is usually not true at all. I figured even if I did try, I wouldn’t get in. So what did I do? Entered the lottery for a spot, then promptly forgot all about it, figuring I wouldn’t get a spot anyhow. Then, today when I was looking around on the Ravelry message boards and happened upon a thread in the Loopy Ewe group about the Sock Club. Apparently people were getting their emails TODAY about if they got a spot or not! I quickly checked my email and…


Um… I wasn’t expecting this at all!! I feel a bit guilty for spending money on me, which is a problem I have had for a long time, especially since I’ve been working hard on getting rid of debt. But… I’ve heard such great things about this club and I’m quite excited about it!

This week is doing pretty good so far! Tomorrow I’ll be having lunch with a friend and I’m quite excited about it! New restaurant and good company mid-week :o)

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A year goes by so quickly…

Yesterday, Matt and I celebrated our one year anniversary! A year ago yesterday, we decided that we didn’t want to see other people and we decided on the official “couple” status. It feels like it’s been longer and shorter at the same time. I feel like I’ve known him much, much longer than a year, but it seems like it’s not possible a year has passed so quickly. A year ago, I wouldn’t have though my life could be as good as it is, but life IS good! It’s been a great year and I’m looking forward to another great one!

12/365: First Anniversary


Since getting yarn in the mail, I’ve been dying to start the Rainy Day gloves, but I told myself I would get this scarf done first. I just know if I were to start another project, it would be months before I wanted to go back to this scarf and I don’t want my sister to have to wait until summer for her scarf! So here is it’s current state:


Okay, well, mostly it’s current state. There are actually 5 stripes of each color now and I’ve started strip number 6 of the burgundy. Just over half way. I’m thinking it might not be long enough, though. We’ll see how long it is when I’m done with the 10 burgundy and 9 gold stripes.

Yesterday, I spent time catching up on episodes of Ugly Betty and watched a few of the Knitting Daily TV show. While watching TV, I worked on the scarf while waiting for the Gable sweater to be washed and dried. Yes, I took a big leap and threw it in the washer and dryer!! Yes, I was scared! It turned out fine, though, and I added the pretty wooden buttons to it. I have to say that it’s MUCH softer after being washed. I will also say not to was it with towels. No idea what I was thinking other than having something else in the washer with it since I can’t control the water level (coin operated washer/dryer in our apartment). I had to pick off a lot of fuzz and I’m still picking off bits of towel from it. Ah well, lesson learned, right? I don’t have the best picture of it with buttons, but here’s a decent photo of what the sweater looks like with buttons:

(Just ignore the weird look on my face…)
Red Gable

Not much else going on with the knitting besides that scarf now. Maybe I can finish it this week so I have more interesting things to show you… like some Rainy Day gloves!

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Spring Forward

Oh how I wish it were Spring already! Seems this winter has lasted too long and I can’t seem to get complete warm at all. It hasn’t even really snowed and stuck around much yet and I’m already longing for spring! *sigh*

I did finish some Spring socks though! Okay, just the Spring Forward socks from Knitty, Summer 2008. These were a pretty fast knit when I actually worked on them, but they kept getting put aside for other projects. They are done now, though! I really love these socks. The fit and colors are great! I think this is the first time that I’ve really not worried about how the colors are pooling and striping and just loving them as they are. I love knitting socks!

Pattern: Spring Forward socks from Knitty, Summer 2008
Started: November 7, 2008
Completed: January 11, 2009
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug, color 35 (Raspberry)
Needles: US 1 birch DPN’s
Notes: Didn’t make any adjustments to this pattern at all. Not even the toe! (It was already written as I would have done it!)

Spring Forward Socks

Spring Forward Socks

Spring Forward Socks

I am sad to report, though, that last night as I finished up knitting until I had to kitchner the toe, I broke one of the needles. This is the second pair of wooden needles I have broken in the last few months. I suppose I just need to switch to metal needles, but I really love knitting with wooden needles. The first set was Clover Bamboo and this one is Brittany Birch. Thankfully you get 5 needles in each set, so I was able to finish knitting each sock without much issue, but it just makes me sad. On the up side, I did get a pair of US 1 needles from Knit Picks in the order that arrived on Friday! I had lost the set I had and after looking all over for them, decided they weren’t going to be found. When I needed that extra few bucks to get free shipping, I figured I’d replace them. Guess I got them just in time!

Speaking of my Knit Picks order… here’s what I got:

These are the colors I will be using for the Little Bird cardigan (still waiting on the needles to arrive):

KnitPicks Palette - Little Birds Cardigan

These are the colors I will be using for the Rainy Day fingerless gloves:

KnitPicks Palette - Rainy Day Gloves

I also got size 1 DPN’s (as I mentioned above) and a chart keeper:


Here’s how you hold it open:


And here it is propped up ready to hold your place:

KnitPicks Palette - Mist

I think that’s all I have for today, but in my next time I will show you some more pretty yarn and the current state of the Hogwarts Scarf.

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Three S’s: Spinning, Scarf, and Stash

Last night at knitting, I was talking to one of the group members about spinning. I think there’s 2 people in the whole group that spin! I mentioned that this year, I’d really like to get a wheel, so we talked a little about wheels and said that I should come over when the weather gets warmer and we can spin outside. I have wanted to get a wheel for a long time now… I think since 2005! I got a drop spindle in 2005 and there are a few posts here that I talked about it. I did spin up the first roving I had. Then in 2007, I went to Knitter’s Connection and took a class on spinning. I learned more about drafting and my second go round looked a lot better that my super bulky first try, but I never did finish it. I started having a lot of pain in my right shoulder and it made it really difficult to spin, so I put it aside for “some other time.” Every so often, I’d get it out and look at the spindle with the little bit of yarn I’ve made on it and just dream about having a wheel. This year is THE year. I want to have a wheel by the end of the year.

Anyway, last night I was talking to her about spinning and I mentioned how it hurt my shoulder. She asked if I pull it up or to the side when I’m drafting. Up. Then it hit me – duh! No wonder it’s bothering my shoulder so much. I’m pulling UP instead of to the side, which would be much easier on my shoulder. She said I should try it sometime. No better some time than now!

7/365: Spinning

I haven’t actually tried it yet, but I plan to this weekend.

On Monday I started my sisters Hogwarts scarf in Gryffindor colors. After knitting on it last night and today, it’s looking pretty good:


I’m hoping this will end up being a pretty quick knit. It’s great for knitting in front of the TV, while on the phone, having conversations with people, or while reading a book (as long as you have something to hold the book open!). I was wondering, though, what the height should be on the stripes. It doesn’t say in the pattern and looking at it I almost feel they should be taller. Right now the are 3.75″. It does say the scarf should be 7 to 8 inches wide and mine is about 9 inches wide. I added 10 extra stitches to make it easier to knit in the round (70 was just a tad on the tight side).

Monday I had to go to Michael’s to get the yarn for the scarf (it’s Vanna’s Choice yarn, my sister requested something not itchy and this definitely isn’t). After I got home, I decided that I needed to get all the yarn I’ve acquired photographed and entered into my stash on Ravelry. All of it was either given to me or acrylic that I bought a skein of here and there.

I thought I’d have some fun and create a little picture with all the yarn I took pictures of and uploaded to my stash:

Yarn Stash

Might be a little boring here on the blog while I knit this scarf. I’m hoping it won’t take the eternity it feels like it will. Then again, I’m sure I’ll come up with something to talk about!

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Mrs. Cactus (More thoughts on the year to come)

My first FO of 2009: Mrs. Cactus!

Mrs. Cactus

Pattern: Mrs. Cactus from Amigurumi World by Ana Paula Rimoli
Started: December 28, 2008
Completed: January 4, 2009
Yarn: Bernat Berella 4 – brown, orange, tan, and white
Hook: G/4.0mm
Notes: I think I’m getting better at this crochet/amigurumi thing. The finishing went much better this time around, too. Quite pleased with the overall result!

Mrs. Cactus will be joining Mr. Cactus tomorrow where she will live happily in Matt’s office.

These things are addictive and incredibly cute. I love making them! I now have 5 amigurumi books in my collection. The Borders store closest to me closed January 3rd and they were having a 40% or more off everything in the store sale, so last week I went to see what they still had left. The knitting/crochet books were pretty picked over, but I did get 4 books, including two more amigurumi books. One I’m not totally thrilled with the patterns in it, but it does explain crochet charts which completely baffle me. I bought Creepy Cute Crochet (checked out from the library and LOVED), Amigurumi Animals, Folk Shawls, and Color Style.

I have been working on my Spring Forward socks and they should be done by the end of the week. Tomorrow I’ll be going to Michael’s to hopefully get the yarn for my sister’s replacement Christmas gift – a Harry Potter scarf. It has to be acrylic and Vanna’s Choice has the perfect colors. That will be my project of focus for a while. I don’t think it should take too long to knit, really. It’s done in the round, nothing too fancy, just color changes every so many rows.

In yesterday’s mail I received the buttons I ordered from The Button Shop. I LOVE THEM. Seriously. I will so totally order from them again, the next time I need some buttons. They are beautiful! I ordered them Tuesday (late Tuesday night) and received them Saturday. Pretty fast, if you ask me :o)

4/365: Buttons

The front, darker ones, will be used for the Gable sweater. Not sure what the other ones will be used for yet, but I loved them, so ordered them. I’m sure I’ll find a use for them soon enough!

I also got the two pair of socks I ordered from Sock Dreams. No pictures yet, but I do like them quite a lot. I got really long, over the knee black ones and knee high rainbow striped ones. I have no doubts I’ll be ordering from them again! Ordered mid-day on Wednesday, arrived Saturday.

I’ve decided on another thing I’d like to add to the pile of “Things I’d Like To Do This Year.” I want to use my crockpot more and try out more recipes. So, to combine the two, I have decided to cook something in the crockpot once a week. One new recipe a week. I’m sure there will be more than just new crockpot recipes throughout the year, but this is an easily achievable goal and will continue to encourage us to eat at home. This weekend we made cabbage soup. It came out alright, but I have decided I don’t really care for celery in crockpot soups. Celery was in the last soup we made and in this one. I just don’t care for the flavor it gives everything!

Let’s see, then… what’s my list of “Things I’d Like To Do This Year” in list format?

  • Read at least 12 books this year
  • Take one photo per day (Plurk Craft 365)
  • Blog more (personal and here)
  • Do more colorwork knitting
  • Knit something that requires steeking
  • Knit more sweaters and lace
  • Wear socks that I’ve knit
  • Try one new recipe per week using the crockpot

Hm. When I put it all in a list like that, it kinda seems Big and Scary. Really, though, it’s not. My knitting group started a book club at the end of last year, so that definitely encourages me to read more. I have my Plurk friends to encourage me to take photos every day. More photos = more blogging. I already have yarn coming to me for colorwork fingerless gloves AND a colorwork sweater that requires steeking! I have two lace projects on the needles. I have a bag of socks I’ve knitting and haven’t worn. There are PLENTY of recipes on the internet for crockpots and I have books/magazines with recipes, too. So, yeah, in a list, it might look Big and Scary, but in reality, all of these things are things that I can reasonably do! :o)

I finally got caught up with people’s blogs and it’s left me feeling like there’s something I need to DO in 2009, but no clue as to what that might be. I’ve been thinking on it most of the night, considering what goals or projects or whatever might be calling me. So far, I have no idea what it might be, but I have a feeling that this year will be just as good, if not better than 2008.

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2008 in Review and 2009 Begins

After looking at the knitting I completed in 2008, it really feels like I should have more knitting to show for it! There were a number of things I started and frogged (and don’t think I ever even posted about). Seeing a number of knit-bloggers post about their fibery accomplishments for 2008, I decided to do a little wrap up of all the projects I completed in 2008.

– 7 pairs of socks
– 4 hats
– 3 amigurumi’s
– 2 shawls
– 1 scarf
– 1 sweater
– 1 cowl

19 projects. Really?? I swear it seems like I knit so much more, but there was a month or two that I hardly knit at all. I felt a bit of a knitting slump a good part of the year. I’m sure this has something to do with it. Ah well, I did FEEL like I knit a lot and I did do much better with not finishing items I wasn’t totally happy with. I think that led to a lot of frogging of projects I did spend a fair amount of time on this year, but I am quite pleased with all the things I DID finish this year!

I don’t do resolutions at all. Mostly because I never stick to them. Sometimes I do goals, but I don’t always stick to those either. This year I am going to make one goal: read 12 books this year. I know it will probably end up being more, but a book a month for me seems pretty reasonable and attainable. I just want to read more and not really sure why I’ve been slacking so much with it most of this year. I started out reading quite a bit, then just fizzled out. I think being part of the book club off-shoot of my knitting group will really help with this!

Aside from the one goal I’m giving myself this year, there are other things I want to work on. This year I’ve decided to do the 365 project. I did it once before and got pretty far with it, but then there was a lot of personal stuff going on and I didn’t finish it. Since I have a wonderful new camera Matt gave me for Christmas, I want to learn how to use it more, learn how to take better pictures, and learn more about photography (which I’ve always had an interest in). I’ve joined up with some Plurk friends to do the Plurk Craft 365, which does have a focus more on the crafty bits of life (but doesn’t totally have to be, either). I think that will help me blog more, which is something else I’d like to focus more on this year.

I also have some knitting related things I’d like to do this year. I really want to do more color work. I keep admiring all the wonderful fair isle projects in Ravelry and that other people are working. So, in this coming year, I’d like to do more with color. I want to try steeking as well. I want to knit, and wear, more socks this year instead of just knitting them and letting them sit in the Things I’ve Finished bag. I also want to do more lace and more sweaters.

I’m already getting off to a good start with the knitting related things I’d like to do this year. I ordered from Knit Picks today. I almost didn’t order anything simply because I feel bad spending money on myself when I’ve been working hard to get my debt paid off. But, if I continue to not “treat” myself to anything, I’ll begin to resent paying off debt (even more) even though I know it’s a good thing to be doing. At the end of 2008, I was really beginning to want to buy everything I wanted and just forget about paying off debt because I was behind (my own fault), felt like it was going to take forever to catch back up and get back on track, and feeling rather “deprived.” I’ve decided, that this year I will pay off my debt as I’ve planned, and I’ve budgeted in “fun money” for me to spend on whatever I want. I’ll be on track and not feeling deprived. I suppose that goes down as something I’m accomplishing this year, though not something I really intended to write here. But anyhow… I got side tracked with all that. Right… Knit Picks order…

I am dying to make the Rainy Day fingerless gloves from the Fall/Winter 2008 Knit.1 issue, so I’ve been looking all over for yarn that would be suitable and not cost me a small fortune. Knit Picks seemed to keep winning out with their Palette yarn, so I decided to order it. With Knit Picks, it always seems to be better to just order enough stuff to get free shipping. I was trying to decide what else I wanted to make, keeping my “more color work” decision in mind. I went browsing through Ravelry and all the projects made with Knit Picks yarns. I came across the Little Birds cardigan that someone was making with Knit Picks yarns and I absolutely loved the colors, so I added the needed Palette yarns to my cart as well. Still being under the amount for free shipping, I decided to replace the DPNs I lost (but really liked) and finally get one of the Chart Keepers they have (lace and color work being what I really want to do with my knitting this year, I figure this will be quite handy). Yarn is on the way for TWO color work projects and I’m really excited about it!

I want to knit a sweater so badly and while I do have one sweaters worth of yarn in my stash, it’s just not speaking to me at all. It doesn’t want to be knit into anything yet it seems, so it just sits there. I think I may have decided on a project I want to knit with it, finally, but I’m still looking for the right pattern that really speaks to me. In the mean time, as soon as the yarn arrives, I will be swatching for the Little Birds sweater! First major project of the year and I’ll be tackling steeking AND color work. EEP!! Someone hold me!! Just a wee bit scary!


I meant to post about this yesterday, but completely forgot. For Christmas I got a new camera from Matt (as mentioned above and in my last post).

I took a picture of my new camera with my old camera:


It’s a Cannon PowerShot SD880 IS. I got that little camera bag behind it from Circuit City so I can carry it around with me everywhere. It fits nicely in my purse making it much easier to take pictures wherever I might be. It was a totally unexpected gift, but I’m incredibly thankful for it! My HP camera was really on it’s last leg and I was always worried that it was going to die any second. Have I mentioned how much I love Matt? It’s a LOT. He’s definitely a keeper ;o)

From my family, I received two Build-A-Bears – a Hello Kitty and a Moose. I love both of them and they will fit nicely with the rest of my collection (if I ever find space to put them somewhere besides a box). I also got a Best Buy gift card and cash. I bought a new jacket and dress at Kohl’s with the cash and still have money left. The jacket is a really nice 3-in-1 kind. It’s light grey and pink. I really needed a better winter jacket and this one is definitely a good fit. Of course, since I bought it, it hasn’t been that cold, nor has it snowed!


Currently I’m working on a pair of socks. I’m doing the Spring Forward pattern from Knitty.

Spring Forward Socks

Yesterday I finished crocheting Mrs. Cactus from Amigurumi World. The only thing not pictured here is the flower.

1/365: Mrs. Cactus

Hopefully my yarn will arrive before I try to start any more projects!