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No words.

I pulled out my Rogue sweater for the first time in about two months or so.  I am simply beside myself. Devastated.

I found a HOLE in the front of it and two more places where it’s about to wear through completely.

I have no idea what caused it. It looks like the yarn simply disintegrated in those spots. There are no signs of moths or other bugs that might have caused this.  I could even reason that maybe something burned it, but it was tucked underneath things and you couldn’t see it where it was at all.  I know it can be fixed, but I’m honestly not sure if I can fix it.  This is my first sweater.  I’m completely heart broken about it :o(

See for yourself:




I finished a pair of socks last Monday (Jan 14th), but I can’t even bring myself to blog about that right now.  (Heck, it took enough energy to come home from work, find this awfulness, and then blog about it.)

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Hot Head FO and What’s on my Needles

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have been meaning to post and show you my one completed Nine-to-Five sock that’s been done for a while and the Clapotis I started (my first!), but I either forget about posting or think about it when I don’t have time to.

Life has been a little crazy for me with a lot of recent changes, though the holidays were fairly easy and painless. It’s all the other stuff giving me trouble at the moment. I’ve been working at my new job for a while now and I’m enjoying it. It’s far less stressful than my previous job and I love my schedule (I work 4 days and have 3 days off), but I get home a little late which doesn’t leave me a lot of time to do things in the evening. I don’t really mind that, though, because it’s not like I do a whole lot at night anyhow. The weather changes have been all over the place and it keeps going from warm to snow. I think that’s been driving my body a little batty with all the changes, but what can you do? I think I’ve faired pretty well with it and I know the lack of job stress has been helping.

Anyhow… this is a knitting blog, so on with the knitting!

Here’s my one completed Nine-to-Five sock:

The second sock has been knit up to the heel flap, so I should have a completed pair soon!

Next up is Clapotis:

I’m using Noro Lily Multi, which is discontinued. I purchased it from someone on Ravelry a while back. I absolutely love the colors and how it’s knitting up. I think it was an excellent choice for this pattern and I think it will be something I love once it’s done.

I have been working on my Starlight sweater again. Not a whole lot, but I’m getting close to starting the arm hole decreases. I forgot how much I love working with the yarn! I need an updated picture of it in good light, but the weather hasn’t given me sun while I’m home in the last few days. I’m going to wait until there’s some sun to take pictures so I can properly show the color of the yarn and better show the cables.

I scrapped the mittens I mentioned here because I didn’t like how they were coming out. They were a bit too tight on me. I also haven’t posted about another hat I made.

Pattern: Hot Head from Stich ‘n Bitch
Started: Early December 2007
Completed: Early December 2007
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick
Needles: US 10.5 bamboo straights
Notes: None. I’ve knit this hat 3 times before and it’s a really quick knit. I don’t even remember the day I started it, but I worked on it knitting a few rows here and there, completing it in about 3 days.