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Is anyone else participating in Knitwars?

Just wondering.  I remember reading about it a while back, but then forgot.  The other day, I came across it again and signed up.  It’s kind of fun, but I keep forgetting to go over there and update my points!

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Mail Call

I came home today to find two packages waiting for me. With all the sending yarn out that I’ve been doing, it was nice to get something in the mail!

I swapped some alpaca yarn for a copy of Best of Interweave Knits through LiveJournal’s knit-swap group and I had purchased 4 skeins of Wildfoote sock yarn from someone on Ravel-crack Ravelry.


Here’s some better photos of the yarn – much more accurate colors.

Vinca Minor

Pine Tree

I’ve been wanting to try this yarn, but every time I have seen it, it’s been multi-colored or two colors twisted together. I wanted some of the solid! Now I have some to try out and I’m looking forward to knitting with it.

I’ve been wanting Best of Interweave Knits since I knew it was coming out and now I have a copy of my very own. There’s at least 3 patterns I want to make, but probably more than that. Some of the patterns I already have, but I like that they’re all in one book instead of a bunch of magazines.

In other knitting news…

Here’s my current sock in progress that I mentioned in my previous post:


Tomorrow morning I have a doctor’s appointment, then I’m meeting Crafty Mands for a little knitting time, and once Nick gets home from work, we’re going to head out to the Taste of the Levee. Should be fun :o)

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Letting Go

I want to say thank you to everyone who has purchased some of my stash that I put up for sale. It means a lot to me and I hope you all enjoy your new yarns! I’m sure I will be watching to see what they get made into :o)

At first, I was really saddened to have to sell off my stash. I had to do something, though, because going to the chiropractor has made a huge difference in my quality of living. I thought long and hard about it and decided that there’s a lot of things I have no plans for or don’t really want any longer. I was holding on to a lot of things I’d probably never use unless it was the last yarn in my stash. I realized that as I grew as a knitter, my tastes changed. It happens to everyone, I’m sure. When things started to get shipped off to their new homes, I actually felt happy about it as if I was giving the yarn a new life. I know that probably sounds silly, but there it is – I was glad it was going to someone who would do something with it instead of it just hanging around in my stash with no purpose. Even better is that I’ve made enough to cover BOTH appointments next week and possibly one the following week as well. I feel lighter, now, too. Maybe my stash was weighing me down a bit every time I looked at it and realized so much of it had no purpose without my even realizing it.

There are still some things left and you can check my Ravelry Trade/Sell page or the Destash Blog post I made.

Initially, I didn’t tell Nick about it. Last night, though, I told him that I had put a bunch of my yarn up for sale to cover my appointments. He was shocked, but also happy for me. This morning, I told him that I’d made enough for my appointments next week and he was amazed and proud of me for giving up my yarn. I explained that there were a lot of things I wasn’t using and I was okay with letting it go. I knew that the things I really wanted to keep would keep me knitting for probably the next year or two. He told me to look on the bright side of things: once things aren’t so tight and we can afford to buy more yarn, I can get things that I will actually use. He even joked that it will be better than the yarn I’ve let go and maybe he’s right. Not "better, more expensive yarn", but yarn that will be better for me because I will use it, it will have a purpose. I think I much prefer to buy yarn and know what I’ll make with it rather than buy a skein or two of a yarn, then decide I don’t have enough to make anything I want out of it (which is what happened with most of the yarn I decided to destash). I suppose that sock yarn is a good impulse buy yarn for me since I love to knit socks, but other than that, I doubt that I’ll be doing much other impulse buying from now on.

I have been resisting casting on, but Wednesday, I failed and cast on for a sock. I just couldn’t take being without a sock on my needles! Nothing fancy – just a toe-up sock with 2 x 2 ribbing on foot and leg of the sock. I’m using Austermann Step in color 10. I’ve never worked with this yarn before, but I’m really enjoying watching the stripes take shape as I work on it. I’ve been working on Wisp, still, doing a repeat here and there. The Bag has seen some progress, too, but this week it seems that the counting was just throwing me for a loop and I was doing more frogging than actual work (knit 1 row for every 2 frogged), so I set it down in favor of something that required less attention.

For my birthday, my family got me Knit 2 Together by Tracy Ullman and Mel Clark. There’s actually a few things I would like to make out of there, so that was exciting to get! Nick got me the new Matchbox Twenty and Rascal Flatts CD’s and Nathaniel got me an Office Depot Carl Edwards #99 TY Beanie Baby bear.

Well, I’ve got stuff to get done. Have a good weekened everyone!

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Selling Some Yarn

I’m selling some of my stash.  I need to continue to see my chiropractor and I’m a little short on cash for next weeks appointments. I want to get a post over on the Destash blog, but I’m waiting on approval to post there, plus I have all my photos on my computer at home and don’t have access to them right now. Until then, I wanted to post here for people who are on Ravelry and may be interested. Please check out my Trade/Sell page over there (I have also posted additional information on the ISO/Destash Board) and if your interested in anything, please let me know via PM on Ravelry or through email (email in side bar).

Everything comes from a smoke-free, pet-free home.  I have a bird, but he doesn’t get anywhere near my yarns.  PayPal only.

I’ll try to post more about this later if anyone would like more information in what I’ve got on there if you aren’t yet on Ravelry.