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Wisp – the FO post

Yesterday was nice enough (read: sunny) for me to finally get some photos of Wisp.  I bought a Gorilla tripod for my camera a while back and I LOVE it.  It made taking photos of myself much easier.


Pattern: Wisp, Knitty Summer 2007
Started: August 29, 2007
Completed: October 21, 2007
Yarn: Rowan Kid Silk Haze, color 580, about 1.5 skiens
Needles: US 8 metal straights
Notes: The patter was quite easy to memorize.  The counting thing was hard at times, but I would figure out how many rows I had based on how many rows of holes I had.  The KSH was a little difficult to get used to working with and I found that metal needles is really the only way to go with it otherwise it just sticks to the wood ones.  Overall, I love how it turned out.  I ended up doing 21 repeats making it longer than the pattern calls for, but plenty long for a scarf or wrap.  The KSH does make my neck a little itchy, but I think my neck may just be extra sensitive to certain fibers.  I will most likely only wear this as a wrap sort of thing.  Either way, I really like it :o)



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Shopping Day

Today I went to Jo Ann’s only to discover that the set I was going to purchase was on sale and I couldn’t use that coupon I wanted to.  No worries, though, because Michael’s sells cutting mats and they take competitors coupons.  I ended up getting one that is 24" x 18" for $12.50.  Somehow at Michael’s, the lady couldn’t figure out the coupon thing and took only $3 off of the marking pencils I bought.  I told her about it and she couldn’t figure out how to fix it and someone else came up to fix it for her.  Well, they never fixed the 50% off the marking pencils, so I ended up getting 50% off both the pencils and mat.  I didn’t even realize it until I got home!

I went back to Jo Ann’s after some other running around because they had rotary cutters (and all related tools) on sale for 30% off and fat quarters for $.96.  I also needed some fusible fleece interfacing.  I ended up with a rotary cutter for $10 and a ruler for $4.50.  It ended up being a little more than the Fiskars set would have been ($27 instead of $22), but I’m very happy with my purchases.  I used my other 50% coupon on 2 yards of fusible fleece interfacing, so I had 2 yards for $5.99.  That should last me quite a bit.

I was going to make a Loopy Ewe order, but I told myself to wait until after I got the rotary set.  Good thing I did, because I spent a little more than I thought I would! 

Anyhow, I took some photos of the things I came home with:

My very own rotary cutting set

Fat Quarters and Fusible Fleece Interfacing – whatever could those FQ’s be for?

Double sided fusible interfacing and marking pencils

This is fabric I purchased at Walmart, on seperate dates.  I think they’ll make a great Box Bag, don’t you?


That’s all for now.  Perhaps I’ll have more fabric things to show you soon!  Tomorrow morning I have a doctor’s appointment and in the evening I’m going to a belated birthday dinner with Crafty Mands.  Tomorrow should be good!  I’m looking forward to it :o)

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Felted Bag, complete with lining

Tonight, after getting some goodies (which I will post about after sharing my FO), I finally sewed in a lining on the felted bag I showed you last week, so now it’s really an FO!

Pattern: Loosely based on Amanda’s Squatty Sidekick, very modified
Started: October 17, 2007
Completed: October 19, 2007
Yarn: Lamb’s Pride Worsted, M-34 Victorian Pink
Needles: US 10.5 bamboo 16" circular
Notes: The fabric cost $.96 on sale at Jo Ann’s – one fat quarter was plenty to line the inside.  I even used fuseable fleece to give it more support.  I really like how it turned out!  I think I may make another using Cascade 220 and make it a little bigger (wider, maybe just a bit taller).  I made tons of notes on the pattern so I know what to modify next time.  If I make it again, it will pretty much be my own pattern then since nothing will be the same as the actual pattern anymore! 

Here it is before felting:


And after:


And complete with the lining and button:



I really like it and I’m sure I’ll be using it soon enough :o)

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No Knitting

There’s not much knitting to speak of right now. I haven’t been able to knit all week because my wrists hurt any time I try to knit a few stitches. I am still trying to get the Noro cardigan to look okay with it’s too big arm holes, but I’m not entirely sure I like how it’s working out. Half of me says to rip the whole damn thing out. The other half says keep going, it will be fine. I’m somewhere in knitter’s denial at the moment with it, so it’s sitting in time out until I decide what to do.

I was working on toe-up socks, but I just didn’t like how they were turning out. Frogged it. I think I just like top down socks better. The yarn stripes, so I don’t want to do anything fancy with it and I think I’m just going to do a plain sock this time.

Of course, that is, if I can knit again sometime soon.

Wisp is done and I love it! Mohair itches my neck something terrible, though, so I can’t wear it as a scarf, but I can wear it as a wrap. Maybe I’ll gift it. I want to take some nice photos of it, but the weather has been crap the last two weeks. Hopefully there will be some sun this weekend and I can get some better photos of it so I can do my FO report on it already!

Right now I’m itching to do mittens. Stranded mittens. I think I might try the Anemoi Mittens from Eunny. When I can, anyhow.

Since I don’t know what to do with myself when I can’t knit, I’ve been reading cook books and other things about eating healthy. This was my previous hobby, before I was a knitter. I have found all sorts of good stuff that I want to try!

I haven’t been sewing because I’ve been waiting on getting a rotary cutter and mat. Sewing doesn’t seem to hurt my hands/wrists, so I figure while I’m taking a break from knitting, I’ll sew. Today I’m going to Jo Ann’s with my 50% coupon to get the set I was talking about in my previous post. Then I can do some more sewing. I don’t know what I’ll make just yet, but I have some fabric already. Might pick up more while I’m there and maybe line my felted bag I just made. Oh! I need interfacing, too, so I’ll look for some while I’m there.

That’s all that’s going on here – how’s things in your part of the world?

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Almost an FO

I completed the knitting on Wisp today and it’s blocking right now.  I’ll give the full FO report once it’s done blocking!  Until then, here’s a photo of it’s current state:


Hope your weekend was good :o)

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Apparently I like to sew (read: Sewing FO!)

I saw a tutorial a few days ago for this boxy sort of bag.  I’d been seeing them around the net and had been wanting to make one.  While I was at Walmart, I found some cheap fabric ($2/yard), so I bought 1/2 of a yard of two fabrics to make one along with some matching thread and a zipper.  Today, I finally sat down and made it.  It’s a bit fussy to do, but I like the results a lot!  Total, this project cost me around $4 – how sweet is that?  I love good deals :o)

Here’s the completed bag:






Yellow isn’t a color I’d normally pick, but I really liked the gold/brown of the outter fabric (I think it’s some sort of upholstery fabric, it’s rather thick and canvas like).  I love it!  It’s about 9 inches long and 4 inches tall and wide.  It’s currently holding Wisp, which fits great inside.  I may make another at some point, but I think I have quite a few project bags right now.  Maybe it’s time to make a tote or two!

I think next weekend I’m going to invest in a rotary cutter and mat.  I have a 50% off coupon and JoAnn’s sells Fiscars Rotary Cutting set that comes with the mat, rotary cutter, and clear ruler.  It’s also fairly big (18" x 24") which I think will serve all my sewing needs well.

Don’t worry, though – I haven’t been completely sucked into the sewing world.  I’m still knitting.  Here’s proof:


I started it on Wednesday and felted it last night.  It’s still drying and I want to sew in a liner, so I may not do an FO report right away on it, but the knitting part is all done! 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I’m off to the library with my sister :o)

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I didn’t like that yarn anyhow.

Sometimes things just work out for the best.

I was bidding on eBay for some silk lace weight. I didn’t have any plans for it at all and in the last few hours of the auction, I was outbid and it ended up going for much more that I could have paid (or was willing to pay, really). It’s funny because just before I was outbid, I was thinking that I wished someone would outbid me so that I didn’t get the yarn I had no idea what I’d do with. Then, on Ravelry, I PMed someone about some yarn and by the time they finally got back to me about it (3 days later), it was gone. For the best, I say, because I had no plans for it anyhow!

On the upside, I know that next Friday I will be paying for some Noro Lily Multi and that I do have plans for and totally LOVE the colors of. I haven’t bought yarn in a while and I’ve been selling off most of mine. I think I’ve been feeling yarn needy and maybe a little bit of loss for having cleaned out my stash so much. I know that I would have never used most of that yarn, so I’m very glad in that respect, but now I want yarn that I will use. I’ve not "gone crazy" over yarn in a long time. I’ve made small purchases here and there, but that’s about it. Everything has felt sort of crazy lately and money has been tight and I usually feel the most need to spend when I don’t have money. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

The way I’m looking at it, the Noro Lily Multi yarn is going to be my "reward yarn" for having cleaned out so much of my stash and letting it go (not easy!). After that, I’m going to go easy on the yarn buying and do more knitting up of things. Wait – isn’t that what I’ve been doing? I suppose it is, really. Keeping the yarn buying to a minimum and working from stash mostly.

In going through my books last night, I realized there’s a few that I won’t ever use. I put them up for sale or trade on Ravelry and for swap on LiveJournal. One has already found a home and I’m getting a copy of Scarf Style in exchange. Although I’m not much of a scarf knitting type person, I’ve been wanting this book for a good long while because there are a number of things I would like to knit out of it.

I came into work today and found that I had been Boo’ed. I took a picture, but I’ll have to post it when I get home. It’s a really cute idea and all, but I think everyone in my office has now been Boo’ed! I don’t know who I’m going to Boo next and may need to resort to going to other floors of the building.


I actually brought my Noro Cardigan to work with me today so I can work on it at lunch. I had to rip out most of my work last night because apparently my gauge changed quite a bit using DPN’s. I understand why now, but last night I wasn’t so thrilled. Turns out that I was knitting much tighter on the DPN’s because so many stitches were crammed on to them, where on the circular, they weren’t and I was looser. I pulled out the circular I was using for the rest of the sweater and made it work with the sleeve. Looks MUCH better now and I really didn’t loose that much work. I’m glad I noticed it when I did instead of when I was nearly done with the sweater!

What have you been working on? Anything interesting?

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Ravelry, stop sucking my time!

If I ever stopped poking around Ravelry, maybe I’d post (and knit) more.  I get sucked in by the fourms and now they have Radar where you can see messages as they are posted and it’s sucking up loads of my time.

In other, non-Ravelry related news, I’ve completed the body of my Noro Cardigan and now I’m working on the sleeves.


This is really all I’ve been working on lately.  I feel so close to being done and just want to be done already!  I’ve knit on the toe-up socks here and there, mostly at work, but other than that, I’ve been working on the Noro Cardigan.

Nothing much exciting going on here.  It was Nathaniel’s birthday today.  He’s 15 now!  It’s hard to imagine that I met him when he was 11 and a lot smaller than he is now.  He grew enough over the summer that he’s now taller than me!  Not too hard to do since I’m only 5′ 4" tall.  We went to Margarita’s for dinner tonight.  I forgot my camra, but took a photo on my cell phone (so please excuse the no-so-great quality!):


For some reason we found the fact that the size of the chip he’s holding was as big as half of his head very funny and laughed for a good few minutes about it!


That’s about all that’s going on in my part of the world.  It feels like it should be Friday already and it’s only Tuesday.  What’s up with that?

Off the computer with me and back to knitting that cardigan!  Happy Tuesday everyone :o)

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Project Bags

Today it was cold out and I think the change in weather made me feel like cleaning.  I went into my craft room and started cleaning up both of the book shelves.  I really need bigger ones, but until then, I have to work with what I have.  There was a towering pile on one, threatening to fall over any second, so I started there.  Now it’s still a stack, but much more organized and I actually made shelf out of the top to hold knitting books that don’t fit on the actual shelves.  The stack isn’t threatening to fall over any longer, either.  Now I can find things!  Yay!

Well, after that I saw the fabric stack and started organizing that, too.  Then the sewing bug bit me.  I guess I got a little to close to the sewing machine!  Next thing I knew, I had two Leetle Bags (except, one not so leetle!).

Here’s both of them, side by side:


This is the tall pink/red one:



Here’s the brown/blue stripe one (click on the photo to see the spirals):



And here they are side by side, with a ruler:


The pink one is 14 inches tall and the brown one is 7 1/2 inches tall.  I wanted a taller one to hold the larger skeins like Trekking XXL or the Austermann Step I’m using right now for the toe-up socks.  Since I gave the first one I made to my Sockapalooza 4 pal, I needed a smaller one for me, so I made the second one a little smaller.  I intended it to come out a bit taller, but I love it anyhow :o) 

I still have enough fabric for two more.  Maybe I’ll make them tomorrow.  For now, though, I’m ready to rest a bit.  It turns out that sewing takes a lot out of me!

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No secret knitting for me.

I had signed up to do the Secret of the Stole KAL, but at the last minute, I decided it just wasn’t my thing.  Besides, I have so many WIPs right now that I don’t need another one.  I suppose I was kind of put off by that whole mystery knitting thing since MS3 and I’m not all that anxious to do that again.  I think I just prefer to know what I’m knitting and know that I’m going to love it when it’s done.

I’ve been working mostly on Wisp because I’d like to get it done.  I’m thinking that I’m going to knit 25 total repeats and then bind off.  I’m on number 19 now, so I really don’t have much further to go.  I intend this to be a wrap and 25 repeats long should be long enough, but I’ll decide for sure when I’ve knit to that point. 

I’ve been knitting a few rows on my Noro cardigan here and there, too, and I’m nearly at the bottom of the body.  One more skein (possibly two) and I should be done with the body.  The sleeves should take no time once that is done.

I’ve had a sinus infection and started medication for it on Saturday.  I think this has made my head sort of foggy and unable to work on anything that required very much brain power.  Hopefully it will go away soon and I can get back to knitting The Bag.