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Work-in-progress Found and Photo Hosting

I was going through my stash and I found something:


It’s the Icarus Shawl that I started sometime last year. I forgot all about it! I even found the pattern, noting where I left of (well, sort of – still have a little figuring out to do). I’ve got a lot of WIPs right now. Only one is on a deadline and the rest will be done whenever they get done. I’m done with the first chart of the Mystery Stole, but not with the first clue. Looks like I’m a little behind, but I’m not too concerned – I’d much rather enjoy it, than rush through it.

On another note….

Anyone use Flickr much? I have a basic account so I can use it in conjunction to Ravelry and I’ve thought about using it over Photobucket, just so everything is in one place. A long time ago, I went with Photobucket’s upgrade option and I have been using it ever since. I still don’t care much for Flickr and since I compose all my posts in html, I like to have the direct link to the photo I’m using. Photobucket provides this, so there is very little work on my part. With Flickr, it’s more difficult or I am lame and can’t figure it out – I will never claim to be a pro at computer and internet type things, I know what I need to know to do what I want to do. I know I can upload them directly to TypePad (my current blog host) or even with Blogger, but I’ve never liked to do that. It’s been my experience that it’s more pain than it’s worth.

At any rate, Flickr only allows you to see the 200 most recent photos that you’ve uploaded. While it still lets you keep the ones you’ve linked visible, you don’t have access to them any longer. At first this made me really mad because I’d have to pay $25 for an upgrade to Pro to access those photos in my album. I think for now, I’ll skip it since Ravelry still lets the photos show even though I can’t link to them any longer if I create a new project or anything like that. If there comes a time where I need to do anything like that, then I’ll consider it, but I’m kind of miffed that they don’t allow you to see more than 200 photos that you’ve uploaded. Kind of a small amount, if you ask me. I have let my upgraded Photobucket account expire and I still have access to EVERY photo I’ve uploaded, which is well over 200… I’d even guess well over 1,000 (maybe even 2,000?).

Does anyone use Flickr Pro? Is it worth the money?


I’m a thirty-something who lives in Cincinnati, OH. Crafting, for me, started young - I can’t even recall a time I wasn’t crafty in some way. My first foray into yarn was doing plastic canvas embroidery and making Barbie doll furniture. Not long after that I learned to crochet from a book my grandmother gave me after asking to learn what she was doing (she crochets, afghans mostly these days). After that, I took up counted cross stitch and then came sewing when I took two fashion design classes in high school. My mom had a sewing machine from my great grandmother and I taught myself to sew from patterns on it. I still use this same sewing machine today! I started knitting in 2004 when a co-worker was pregnant with her first child and I wanted to make something for her. I bought a “learn to knit kit” from Lion Brand for a baby hat and booties set. I did make the baby hat and booties (with very few problems) and ended up gifting them to the co-worker. I wanted to make a blanket, but I wasn’t quite able to get that done in time since it took a lot longer then I’d imagined! It wasn’t until the end of 2004/early 2005 that knitting really took a hold of me. Now I love knitting and almost always have a project with me, even if it’s just something small when I’m out and about. I like a wide range of projects depending on my mood. Sometimes I like a good challenge knit and other times I enjoy a lot of stockinette or garter stitch. I love Ravelry for keeping track of my projects and for finding new things to knit - I feel like I’m always spending time on there! It’s also a great place for getting to know other knitters, crocheters, and various fiber enthusiasts. In the fall of 2008, I purchased a spinning wheel from someone on Craigslist. It’s a Babe Fiber Starter, single treadle wheel and after a bit of trouble getting used to it, I’ve managed to spin up some fiber. In January of 2012, I found someone local that was selling their Lendrum DT and it came to live with me! The Babe now lives with Jen (aka piddleloop) and she’s learning to spin. I’m still trying to find time to spin along with knitting, crocheting (occasionally), and whatever else is going on, but I work it in here and there. I’m sure there’s something I might have left out here, so if there’s anything else you want to know about me, just ask :o)

3 thoughts on “Work-in-progress Found and Photo Hosting

  1. I don’t know a lot about html or anything, but if you right click and choose “copy shortcut” is that the link you need or is that something different? I do it all the dummy’s way and use the Blogger photo upload function. I just started using Flickr for Ravelry, and it’s pretty dummified also.

  2. For Flickr to find the direct link to the photo, you have to right click on it and select “Properties” and the web address is on there. Then you highlight that and copy it, use an img tag like this: [img src=””] but instead of the [ ] brackets you use the left and right arrows on your keyboard above the , and the .
    Photobucket gives you the option of having those tags and the photo url under each photo so you just have to copy and paste it (it’s all ready good to go for you). I agree that Flickr is quite easy to use, esepcially with Ravelry, but long ago I got into basic html post editing with LiveJournal, before they had the downloadable clients and all the “do-it-for-you” options they offer now. Guess you could say I’m set in my ways a little bit!

  3. My goodness… I just realized I’ve been blogging for over 8 years now on various websites! I can say that it has come a long way and much of it is so simple now compared to then. My how times change ;o)

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