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Knitters Connection

I am on vacation after tomorrow. I’ll be headed to Columbus, OH for Knitter’s Connection from the 6th to the 9th. I found a hotel at a very reasonable rate about 10 miles from where they are holding the convention. I wanted to stay at the hotel, but the cost per night is as much as I’m paying for 3 nights. I will have internet access while I’m there, so I’ll try to post things as they happen so I don’t forget them. I should have a fridge and microwave in the room, but you never know, so I’m prepared with food funds while I’m there and also have a list of decent, reasonably priced places to eat that are not fast food (because I really don’t like and can’t stomach most fast food these days). The parking will be interesting and I’m hoping that maybe I can get a cheaper rate then what the closest parking garage’s offer, but I’m prepared to pay for it, should there be no other options. I’ve got my homework for my classes done and my camera is ready to go.

I’m excited, but also very nervous. I had hoped to be going with at least one other person that I knew, but I’ll be going it alone. I’m not good at sticking myself out there and meeting people and in groups I tend to just stick to myself while everyone else segments off into their own little groups inside of the group/crowd. I’m fine on my own for short trips or going to the store or other various things people do on their own all the time, but for something like this… well, it’s always better to go with someone or meet someone there – much more fun in my experience. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of fun and I’ll learn a lot, I just know it’ll be a little lonely at times and I’ll feel completely awkward much of the time (as per the usual).


I’ve been knitting on my Monkey socks and hopefully they will be done very, very soon!

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I want this scarf

I saw this post today with this ruffled scarf. I had forgotten all about the one that Stephanie made until I saw this one. I don’t know WHY, but I’m compelled to knit one now. I really, really want one.
Seriously…. what’s up with the things I’ve been wanting to knit lately?