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Horcrux Socks FO

I’ve been a sock knitting fool lately! Here’s the pair I finished on 4/10/07 for my mom’s birthday. The pattern is Horcrux Socks from Six Sox Knit-along. It was a quick, easy knit for me and I love how they turned out. My mom loves them!

Pattern: Horcrux Socks from Six Sox Knit-along
Yarn: Plymouth Sockotta in color 8
Needles: US 1 bamboo DPN’s
Time: Started April 2, 2007 – Completed April 10, 2007
Notes: The only thing I could say is that I’d probably do the heel differently if I were to make these again. Otherwise, it’s a great pattern. I like the Sockotta yarn and I’m probably going to make myself a pair out of Sockotta yarn once I have some money to get some for myself.

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Recent things….

This is a mostly photo post of all the recent stuff I’ve been doing.

Recently I received the BEST knitting needle holders ever from Continue the Spiral as part of a swap on

I was storing all my straights and DPN’s in a plastic bin that I had to sort through any time I needed a needle. Now they’re all organized by size. I love it!!

Here’s the sock that I finished today. I’ve already started it’s mate. They’re a gift for my mom:

This is the Argosy scarf that I started and haven’t really worked on since…. I should really start working in it:

After some problems with gauge that I managed to work out, here’s my progress on Starlight:

This week I got The Yarn Harlot’s new book:

I’m going to go to see her on April 21st in Lexington! *squee*

Here’s my new cup that I love. It’s a TRASH CAN! This makes me happy for some reason. Probably because it’s different and a novelty to say “I’m drinking out of a trash can!” Yeah, I’m silly like that. I got it at Joe’s Crab Shack and it says “Joe’s Trash Can” on it.

And just because I hardly ever get to share animal photos (since I don’t have any of my own, but my family has 3 cats and a dog)…. here’s a picture of my family’s dog Duke:

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More than just knitting content

Okay, so I know I usually just post about knitting related stuff, but I thought I’d share this for anyone that was interested. I’ve been trying to eat more healthy and lose weight. I have a food journal that I’ve been posting in a little bit about things, but I want to start posting more there. Anyhow, on with what I wanted to share!

I found this great website the other day after misalady posted about it in her journal. It’s called Spark People. So far I really like it. It gives you a meal and fitness plan, you can track all your progress, post to message boards, read tons of good articles…. all for FREE. Seriously, 100% free. I was all set to join up on eDeits again, and paying for it, when I found the link on her journal. I like it BETTER than eDeits (which I’ve been a member of before). It allows you to easily change your meal plan – even just one part of it. Say instead of cream cheese on that bagel, you want peanut butter – no problem, a couple clicks and it’s changed! I really like that because eDeits doesn’t offer those options at all. Anyhow, you should check it out! The link below is a sign-up link. You don’t have to use it, but if you do, I get points (that as far a I can tell aren’t worth anything). Either way, I think it’s a great site and pretty easy to use.

My SparkPeople Profile

Also…. I straightened my hair today and I like how it looks. I might start straightening it more often now.

More on the things I’ve been knitting lately in my next post :o)