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More Rogue Photos and Some Project Updates

Okay, I FINALLY have some photos of Rogue ON me!

This one shows the “seams” of the sleeve (it’s really just the increases, since I knit them in the round!):

I really like how it came out, but I think it could use a bit more length to it because it is just a tad bit short for me. I still LOVE it! I went to a yarn store in Tampa, FL and I got loads of compliments on it from everyone in the shop (there were probably 10 people there). It made me feel fabulous and everyone was ooing and ahhhhing at all the little details, how I did it with only a few seams and how wonderful it came out. They were all impressed and it was at that moment that I really thought of myself as well past beginner or intermediate knitter and I’m well into the advanced knitting (and I love it!).


Might as well color me crazy for cables because I’m working on two more cable projects right now: a modified Irish Hiking Scarf (only two cables instead of three because of how little yarn I have) and Cable net socks. I must have been INSANE when I decided to do the Cable net pattern because it’s complex, but I do like it and it’s keeping me busy when I work on it. I think they’ll be great when they’re done, though.

I’m also going to be starting another Shedir. Why you ask? Well, you remember that other one I made? See, I don’t wear hats much and it looked so cute on my sister that I gave it to her!

Now I’m going to make my other sister one in green :o)


I’ve got loads more photos to post (I got the Christmas gift knitting ones!), but I’ll save that for another day since I’ve got to be going for now. Take care all!

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Shedir FO Photos (and mention of other FO’s without photos!)

I completed Shedir (link to PDF pattern) last night. This morning I was able to snap some photos and post them just before we head off to Ohio and a quick trip to see my family.


I should also have photos of the following completed projects:

– pair of ankle Jaywalkers that I finished on Sunday 12/17/06 that I can’t get photos of now because I mailed them off (!!!!!)
Mrs. Beeton’s I finished for my mom on 12/16/06 for Christmas
– 2 pairs of Fuzzy Feet, a pair for each of my sisters for Christmas both completed 12/12/06

The last three I can get photos of when I visit my family and gift them…. as for the socks…. well I hope I can get a picture of them from the person I sent them off to!


Okay, gotta go for now but I’ll be checking in again in a few days :o)

Happy Holidays!!

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Rogue – DONE!

Yesterday I sewed the sleeves on and weaved in all the ends for Rogue. I gave it a bath overnight and now it’s blocking. I’m incredibly excited that it’s done!

Pattern: Rogue
Yarn: Peruvian Collection Highland Wool from, 100% Highland Wool, 12.5 balls of yarn (leaving 4.5 balls of yarn left over)
Needles: US 5 and US 7 bamboo circular needles
Started: August 9, 2006
Completed: December 6, 2006

This is my first sweater, ever. I will admit that I put this down for about a month and a half while I worked on other projects. The pattern was is very well written and I’m sure that I’ll make a second one sometime down the road. I know that my gauge was off a bit the entire time, but didn’t really notice until I made the sleeves. I had to add 10 extra rows to get the right length. The body could be a little longer, but I don’t mind that it came out a little shorter. I have a small torso and it still comes just past my waist, so no worries. For the hem, I just used smaller needles and provisional cast on, knit for about an inch, then switched to larger needles did a hem turning row (purl row on right side) and knit for about an inch until the portion knit on smaller needles lined up with the portion knit on larger needles, then knit two together all the way around until the entire hem was picked up. This prevented having to sew it in at the end. For the sleeves I did pretty much the same thing and I knit them in the round until the sleeve caps so there was no seaming on them except attaching the sleeves to the body. Can you tell I don’t care much for seaming? I always feel like I’m doing it wrong, but I think I’m getting better.

As soon as it’s done drying, I’ll be posting more photos :o)

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Yesterday everything was set in place. We have a move date set for when they’ll come pack all our things and ship them to Ohio (December 12th and 13th). I have put my notice in at work and Tuesday, December 5th is my last day and yesterday was Nick’s last day.

I’m mixed to say the least. Sad to leave a good job and nice people (not to mention friends in the area), but happy for a new start with the man I love.

The plan goes pretty much like this: Tuesday, December 5th is my last day at work, then it’s down to business. We have things to move from storage to here so it gets repacked properly because everything that is left in storage is “pick up only” and there’s a bit of stuff that isn’t boxed anymore. The time between my last day and the 12th will be used to do this. The 12th they’ll come and start packing and the 13th they’ll finish and load everything onto a truck. The 15th is our housing check out. After check out we’ll head to Endicott, NY for a few days, then it’s off to Dayton, OH and a quick visit with my family. From there it’s down to Florida for at least three weeks and we’ll be settling in Ohio mid-January. A lot of change, but also enough down time, I think. Hopefully bills won’t pile up too much before we get settled and get jobs out there.


As for knitting, Rogue only has half a sleeve left to be completed, then sewing them on, weaving in ends, and blocking. The Shetland Triangle is on it’s second ball of yarn. I’m working on socks for a friend for her birthday. Not much else going on with knitting, but I’ve been keeping myself plenty busy with the move.


Hope everyone is well.