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A sewn gift for a swap

I know a while ago I mentioned the October 2006 Birthday Month Swap going on over on Craftster. Well, the person I gifted to got her package. It made it all the way to Finland! Here’s the purse I made (which I’m quite proud of):

Here’s the inside with a little pouch that attaches so it doesn’t get lost and a pocket:

Here’s a close up of the pouch:

And here it is opened:

Soon I’ll be working on one for myself with some fabric I bought last week (when I’m not busy working overtime and sleeping). When I get around to making it, I’ll post photos.


I’m working on arm armers/fingerless gloves for the above mentioned swap for another person. I’ve made up the pattern on my own and threw in a really nifty chart pattern. I am loving how they’re turning out. I finished one and am working on the second now. It should be done in a few days and once the person I’m making them for gets them, I’ll post photos on here. I’ve gotten compliments at work for how well they’re coming out, so I’m really hoping the person I’m gifting to will like them just as much.

As far as other knitting goes, I’m still not done with the second sock, but it’s because I’ve put it down and worked on the arm wamers/fingerless gloves almost exclusively. I’ve been working on the Shetland Triangle a little bit and I’m nearly done with one skein of yarn already. I love how it’s coming out.

Well… back to knitting ;o)

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Stitch Markers!

I made stitch markers today:

I was at Michael’s and I was looking at the beads because they caught my eye and I decided I’d finally try my hand at making some beaded stitch markers. What do you think of my first attempt?

I’ve got some other beads I’m going to use to make some for my Sock-ret Pal :o)


I found some lovely fabric at JoAnn’s today that I’m going to make a handbag out of. When I’m done, I’ll post photos!

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Shetland Triangle

I was having a bit of trouble with I Do. I was having trouble with the pattern and that’s why I put it down. Then it took me a long time to figure out where I was and when I did, I went back to having doubts about if it would actually fit. Finally, I decided it needed to become something else.

I present to you, the beginnings of the Shetland Triangle:

It’s from the book Wrap Style. I’d seen the pattern around a lot lately all over the web, so when I saw it again today and was thinking that I wanted something else to work on other than the scarf, socks, or Rogue, I pulled out what I had of I Do, frogged it, and started the Shetland Triangle.

While we’re on the topic of projects I probably won’t finish….. I might as well throw in Icarus. The pattern has bored me and I’m not sure I’ll ever finish it. I’ve been slowly working on Branching Out and Rogue. I’m working on the hood of Rogue and I got to this one part that is sort of overwhelming me a bit, so I’ve put it down for now. I’ll pick it up soon enough, but for now I’ll work on the Shetland Triangle :o)

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This and That

For those that were curious… the Mighty Leaf Tea my KTS 2 pal sent me (Chocolate Orange Truffle), is absolutely yummy!! It reminds me of those chocolate oranges that you have to whack to get them to “slice” that are out around Christmas time each year. In fact it tastes just like it and it has to be the best tea I’ve ever had!

Not much knitting progress, but I have decided on the details of my Sock-ret Pal’s first package, it’s just a matter of it arriving in the mail and me sending it to my pal. I got a portion of what I’ll be sending already, just waiting on the yarn. I think I’ve also decided on the pattern I’ll be using for the socks, just need to get the yarn.

I’ve started a scarf for myself to replace my itchy wool one I made last year (which I love and don’t want to part with, but my neck is just too sensitive to wool!). I’m using the Irish Hiking Scarf pattern and *gasp* acrylic yarn – Red Heart Soft Yarn in Teal. It is soft, I don’t know if I really like knitting with it, and its a little difficult to cable without a cable needle (so I’m using a cable needle), but I’m liking the results and I think I’ll like the finished product and will get a lot of use out of it this winter. I suppose I was just too impatient to wait to get to the LYS on one of my Monday’s off, so when I saw it on sale for $2/each at Michael’s and I fell in love with the color… well I caved.

Some sad news is that my touch pad on my laptop stopped working yesterday. I had to go out and get a mouse today so that I can actually have use of my computer. I hope we can figure out what’s wrong with it so that I don’t have to use a corded mouse for the rest of the time I have it, but as of right now we have no idea what’s wrong with it.

I got the package to the post office for the person I crafted for in the October 2006 Birthday Month Swap on Crafster, so it’s now on it’s way to Finland and should arrive next week. Soon as she gets it, I’ll be posting photos of the bag I made, which I am quite proud of. Soon as I can get back to JoAnn’s, I’ll be making one similar for myself.

I finished the book I was reading – Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. It was good and I enjoyed reading it. Everything comes together at the end and I nearly cried when I finished the last page. I just started Through A Glass Darkly by Karleen Koen. So much to read, so little time ;o)

I had this great idea the other day to make something that would remind me of fall in Connecticut so I can take a little bit of fall with me once we move. What I want to do is gather some leaves in different stages of color, get a wood box and paint it, then glue the leaves to it and seal it all. Doesn’t that sound neat? AC Moore has all their wood stuff on sale this week at 50% off, so I’m going to go down there and get a few things to make a really cool looking fall box to take with me when we move. I think it’ll be really neat to do and I’ll post photos once I’m done.

No photos today, but soon! Happy crafting everyone!

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My name is Ms Lindz and I’m a Swap-a-holic…..

I got a package from the October 2006 Birthday Month Swap over on Craftster in the mail today!

She (ashestoashes) sent me tea, a lovely sheep tape measure, a mixed CD (artists I haven’t heard before – yay!! and I’m listening to it as I post this), playdough (it’s funny because the other day at AC Moore I was going to buy a bag!), and a card with some cute stickers in it:

The tea made the package smell really good and I can’t wait to try them all :o)


I know ya’ll are probably starting to think that all I get are packages and don’t do any crafting lately! I assure you that I have, in fact, been knitting AND sewing, I just haven’t gotten around to post photos (I’m slacking, I know). I haven’t had that much progress on the knitting front, to be honest. I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of scarf I’m going to make for winter. I think I finally figured something out after a bit of “test knitting,” but it’s not anything to show off at the moment. The sock is coming along, slowly.

I’m trying to get things together for my Sock-ret Pal, but I’ve been busy with the late hours I’ve been working and on the days I have off, I just want to sit around and not do much. To add to that, I’m having some money issues still since I was out of work for well over a month when I moved back here to Connecticut and I’m trying to get everything straight and paid up, but it’s taking time. Hopefully this coming week things will come together with a refund we’ve been waiting on and I’ll be able to get my pals package out.

Alright, I’m outta here for now! Keep crafting everyone :o)

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Sock-ret Pal strikes!

Oh, Sock-ret Pal! How you spoil me!!

Today I got the first package from my Sock-ret Pal! I had an idea that something was on it’s way to me, since my pal had emailed me hinting that something might be headed my way, but I’m forgetful, so today I was surprised that there was a package in my mailbox today from my Sock-ret Pal!

Check it out:

Here’s the notebook, candles (vanilla and cinnamon, which made the whole package smell yummy!), candle holder, card, Burt’s Bee’s hand cream, chocolate (that may not be See’s, but was still delicious!! – yeah… I already ate it….), “Emergency Yarn” and a little pumpkin that was sent:

I also got a really cool polka-dot bag which will now become my “take to work bag” which holds whatever portable project I’m working on and whatever book I’m reading:

Not only did I get one bag – I got two!!! This one folds up all small:

Then opens to reveal a BIG bag that has WHEELS on it! How cool is that?!

I showed it to Nick and told him that this will be the bag I take with us on our trip to Florida in December for all the yarn that I’m going to buy on the trip! He laughed for a second, then told me I’m crazy and I told him I’m not joking! Last week I told him that I’d plan our route and make sure we stop at every yarn shop along the way. He laughed at that, but I wasn’t joking then, either!! :oP

Okay…. maybe I am…. a little… hehehe

Back to what my pal sent! I got a beautiful skien of sock yarn: Trekking XXL, which I’ve never used and has colors that remind me of the fall we’re having here in Connecticut.

Sock-ret Pal, you rock! I love everything :o)


On a side note, since I keep forgetting to mention it, I traded the “repeat books” I got for my birthday for Knitting on the Road and Folk Socks, both by Nancy Bush. Both books are great and I’ve already got a mental list of all the sock I want to make ;o)

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KTS 2 Package has arrived!

Today I received my package from Hoi-Yan!!

I must say that she did a wonderful job and I love everything!!

Up top is the card she sent me along with a bear ornament that her daughter made (I love it!).

For treats:
Crunchie bars – my favorite candy ever that I can’t get ANYWHERE around here!!
Picnic bars – never had before but look yummy
some Kinder candies – I haven’t had anything from Kinder that I didn’t like
See’s lollypops (and of course I love See’s Candies!)

The yarn is sock yarn called Ste from Austermann. The colors are very “me” and I can’t wait to cast on for a pair very soon :o)

And least we forget what the swap is all about – the tea!! The tea she sent me is from Mighty Leaf – Chocolate Orange Truffle. It sounds delicious and smells wonderful. I haven’t made a cup yet, but I’m sure it will be delicious!

Thank you so much Hoi-Yan! I love everything you’ve sent me :o)

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It’s a sock!

I had a nice relaxing weekend after a stressed out week. I did get some kitting done, though and I actually have a post with photos today!

I mailed out my KTS 2 package:

I also completed a sock in about two days of “lazy knitting” and have the second one already on the needles. It’s the Gentleman’s Fancy Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. I found it to be rather quick and easy. It’s also the best fitting sock I’ve made to date. Edited to add: The yarn I’m using is some of the yarn I bought from eBay seller kbrece which is 100% merino wool – I love how it knits up!

Look at that lonely little purl stitch in the heel:

I really like how it’s turned out and I can’t wait to have the pair to wear. I should have it done by the end of the week :o)

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I opened my birthday gifts early….

…. and I got knitting stuff!!!

Nick bought me Knit Fix by Lisa Kartus. He also got me two of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s books, which I already had and he didn’t know so they will be exchanged for other knitting books (there’s a few I’d like to get). He thought I didn’t have them yet, but I bought them while I was in Kentucky and then my Lace Swap Pal gave me the one I didn’t have yet, so now I have all three. I don’t fault him for it, since he didn’t know, and I honestly thought that there was so much wonderful thought put into it that I can hardly stand to take them back! He’s such a sweetie when it comes to gift giving. I never have to write out a list or have him just let me get what I want. *swoon* I love him to bits!

Nathaniel got me Lego Star Wars II for PSP. YAY!! I’d been a little sad that I had to return the version for PS2 since we’d only rented it from the video store and I’d been wanting to play it. I’ve already beat a level and I’m sure that I’ll be losing some knitting time to playing my PSP for a while ;o)

I opened my Grandma’s gift that she sent to me. I was going to wait, but since I was opening everything else tonight (since I’ll be the only one home tomorrow), I figured I’d open it. She sent me two knitting books, enough yarn for two of the patterns, earrings, and a breast cancer pin with pink stones. The books are The Knitting Experience: The Knit Stitch (Book 1) by Sally Melville and The Knitting Experience: The Purl Stitch (Book 2) by Alexis Xenakis and Sally Melville. I thought it was a really thoughtful gift because she is the person who introduced knitting to me when she sent me some yarn, bamboo circular needles, and a pattern for a hat.

All in all, some great birthday gifts! :o)

PS: My Sock-ret Pal? Just so you know, I put a link to my questionnaire over in the side bar right under the blurb about me. Figured it’d be easier for you to find there instead of having to search through posts.

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A gift to me

Every year since leaving home, I’ve bought something for myself for my birthday. This year I decided on a book I’ve been wanting for well over a year. I usually buy something no one else would buy me and it’s usually something I’ve never mentioned that I’d really like to get as a gift. I don’t expect people to buy me knitting books, especially since I am a little picky about the kind of knitting book I’d enjoy. (This is why I’ve created a wishlist of knitting books I’d like.) Anywho, I went to the book store to get this book and found that they didn’t have it. I then went to Michael’s and AC Moore in hopes either would have it and I could use my 40% coupon. No luck. I went looking on Amazon when I got home and I ended up buying it online for 30% off and free 2 day shipping. I should have it by Wednesday.

What book did I treat myself to for my birthday? Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush

I have to say I have been good and haven’t cast on for socks yet. Now with this book on the way, I’ll be able to hold out for a few more days and by then I should have branching out done. :o)


And just so this post isn’t picture-less…

For those that may not know, I’m a NASCAR fan. My favorite driver is Carl Edwards who drives the 99 Office Depot car. I also root for Jimmie Johnson who drives the 48 Lowe’s car. Folks that know me wouldn’t think me to be a NASCAR fan, but Nick is an avid fan and that’s how I started watching it nearly two years ago now. I even got a chance to go to a BUSCH series race in New Hampshire a few months ago and I had a blast! Today was race day for the NEXTEL Series and the race just ended. I enjoy watching on TV, but actually being at a race is so much more fun. There’s a lot more involved than just cars going around a track and that part of things always keeps me interested as well.

Here’s me in my Race Day Shirt: