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Project Updates

I’ve got my camera working. Perhaps the battery was just too low for the flash to work earlier, but it’s working properly now after having been charged.

I’ve made some progress with Rogue this weekend:

I’ve attached the pocket and am about half way through Chart A (part two).

I’ve made progress on the Baudelaire socks, but they haven’t seen much love lately as I’ve been working on Rogue. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Icarus progresses VERY slowly. I find myself taking a lot of extra care when knitting on it so I don’t miss stitches. I keep wishing for sharper needles (which I thought I’d never do). Each row seems to take me a long time and I’m nearly done with the second repeat of chart one…. I may be working on this project for a long time. Anywho, here’s the progress:

Tonight I cast on for a scarf with the Spunky Eclectic yarn I bought ages ago in the “Autumn Girls” colorway. It’s worked on US 15 needles. Now, I’m not much of a scarf person, but I’ve been wanting something different and this yarn has been calling to me. I’ve also been wanting an FO and this may be a quick way to have one. All my projects are long term right now (read: taking forever to become FO’s), so it’s a little something to break up all the big projects I’m working on. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I’m still considering getting rid of some of the yarn in the stash. There’s a lot of things I feel I won’t use (like some of the acrylic stuff or colors that just aren’t me) and I get tired of looking at them. I’m considering just throwing what I don’t want in the trash bag in the closet that’s holding more yarn I don’t want and just taking it to Goodwill or something. On that note, I have some FO’s that I’m considering trying to sell, perhaps on Etsy. I just don’t want them and if someone else wants them… well so be it. I’ve thought about trying to swap them for something else, too. On Craftster they have a swap every so often where you give up the projects you don’t want for things you do. Maybe I’ll go that route instead.

Well it’s about bedtime – goodnight!

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Oh how I like swaps!

I’m excited! Sign ups for round 2 of the Knitter’s Tea Swap is finally open! I was so bummed that I didn’t find out about it until after it was over, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting another round. It’s here!!


In other knitting news, I would be posting photos of all my recent progress, but my camera is acting lame and the flash isn’t working. I’m charging the battery since it was nearly dead and hoping that works. If not, I’ll be taking over Nick’s camera, so either way I should post some knitting progress photos soon :o)