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Retro Wedge Felted Bag

I completed the Retro Wedge Felted Bag (PDF) on Friday and it took nearly two days to dry completely. I used one skein of Noro Kueryon and one skein of Pattons Classic Wool in white. I like how it came out, but it’s not big enough for me to use as a purse :o(




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I dream in yarn.

Last night I dreamed about felting the bag I’m currently knitting (Retro Wedge Felted Bag [PDF]). I dreamed that it came out the perfect size and everyone wanted it.

Then I dreamed about the Noro Kureyon sitting in my stash. Yes, the 1744 yards of Kureyon that have been sitting around in my stash since I swapped for it months and months ago. I’ve used one skein for the Kristina Bag and right now I’m using another for the Retro Wedge Felted Bag. I still have enough to make a sweater, but I don’t want a sweater out of this yarn. No, since the day I got it, I’ve wanted to make it a vest. Yes, a vest. This vest to be exact. Last night I dreamed I had made it into a vest and it was perfect. Today, I will start swatching for it to become a vest. By winter time (probably before then, knowing me), I will own my first ever vest. All this time it’s been calling for me to make it a vest and it will become just that.

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My stash

I have 16498.81 yards (8519 grams) of yarn. I finally bothered to get it all into the spreadsheet I downloaded months ago. This doesn’t include yarn for projects I have on the needles currently. There’s also the 4 balls of yarn that don’t have labels on them, so I didn’t know where to put them on the spreadsheet since I don’t know the yardage, weight, or brand.