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Liesel is done! I completed it yesterday and blocked it overnight. I must say that this was an easy knit and blocking did help it a great deal. This is the first thing I’ve ever really blocked and it wasn’t as difficult as I expected it would be.

On with the photos!

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Pin Cushion

I was in need of a pin cushion, so I decided to make one. After I was done cutting out everything I need for my quilt purse, I had some left over fabric. It was a good way to use up some left overs and it’s really easy to do. I followed this easy tutorial (minus the interfacing because I didn’t have any). I like how it came out :o)

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Kristina Bag

In a matter of a few days, I’ve completed the Kristina Bag. After I saw the one Knitlet made, I couldn’t wait to have my own. I liked the contrast of the white as the main color, so in spirit of the Stash-a-long, I dug into my stash and came up with some Noro Kureyon in color 88 and Patons Classic Wool in color 201 (Winter White). It was a pretty quick knit and it took no time at all to felt. I did learn some new things in knitting this: Fair Isle and how to knit holding yarn in both hands (left and right – usually I only use my right hand to hold yarn). Overall, I’m really pleased with the results. The only thing left to do is sew in a liner and a zipper.

On with the photos!

Before Felting:


All Dry:

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With the time I’ve had, I’ve been picking up new crafts. When I saw that this round’s challenge over at Sew? I knit! was quilting, I figured I’d give it a go. I’ve been seeing some really neat quilt stuff and I’ve wanted to learn for a long time. No better time than the present, right? ;o)

I saw a little tote on the cover of Quilts and More magazine and decided then and there that’s what I wanted to make. It’s called the Lazy Days Tote and the pattern is from Cindy Taylor Oates. I decided to go with fall themed fabric since fall is right around the corner. Here’s the fabric that I’ve chosen:

I’ve already got everything cut to specifications and pressed. I’ll probably start work on it Monday and it should be done fairly quickly (that is, of course, if I don’t run into any problems). I’m actually quite excited to get going on it!


In knitting news, I’m not far from completing the Kristina Bag. I started it on Thursday and I’ve got the handles left to knit. I love how it’s coming out. I’ve successfully learned Fair Isle AND how to knit with holding yarn in both my left and right hands (normally I only hold yarn in my right hand). I’m pretty pleased with it :o)

As for crocheting… it’s progressing. I found a book I’d really like to get for crochet, but I’m going to go to the library first and see if they have it there. I got a few already, but I’m a little confused on how to read a crochet pattern still.

Okay… that’s all I’ve got for now. Happy crafting!

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You’re doing WHAT?

I don’t want to scare anyone…. but I’m crocheting!

I know it’s scary. I know I thought I’d never even attempt it again because my previous attempts seemed disastrous (I just couldn’t keep tension at all). I think since I’ve been knitting for a good two years now, I’ve figured all that tension stuff out and my new attempt at crochet seems to be going a bit better. I’m going to be practicing some different stitches (is that what you call them in crochet?) by making dishcloths. I found a whole ton here.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Not too bad if I do say so myself ;o)

(Eventually I will finish taking stock of my stash… I mean it would be nice to know what I have, even if I do only have two very small bins full of yarn.)

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Clapotis scrapped

I frogged Clapotis. I decided it wasn’t coming out as something I’d actually wear and decided I’m done making things I don’t wear! I mean it was really neat and all, but I’m done with it – it’s gone. So much for one of my July projects for Stash-a-long. At least I still have Liesel (which will be done by the end of July!), Pomatomus, and Branching Out to work on. Lightweight projects for the super hot summer we’ve been having here in the Northeast.

This Friday we’re (Nick and I) supposed to be going up to Webs in MA. I’m going to look for yarn for I Do so I can start working on it. This will also be my first Free Day since the start of Stash-a-long (I started back in April!).

I’ve got a few more projects planned – all with yarn I have in my stash! I just discovered the other day that I have a trashbag full of yarn in storage I thought I had given away. I’m not really sure what’s in the bag because I left it in storage, but tomorrow when I go dig out my fabirc so I can start playing with my sewing machine, I’m going to check out what’s in there and decide if I want to keep it or not. I’m determined not to keep yarn I won’t actually use for anything.

Ohhh! For those who may not have seen it yet, there’s a new craft magazine out! It’s called Adorn. I picked up the premiere issue and I like it so far. I may be pretty late to the game on this one, but I haven’t seen anyone mention it around the web, so I figured I’d mention it to anyone that may not have heard of it yet!

Okay, that’s all I’ve got for now! Back to taking stock of what I’ve got in my stash!

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My Little Visitors arrived in the mail today!

Meet Fred and Ginger:

I’ve already got a bunch of stuff planned for their visit here in Connecticut. I’m actually really excited about it! It’ll give me a lot to do and I’ll be able to do some touristy things that I haven’t gotten around to yet (after nearly 4 years of living here!). Plenty to do with these two in town – I’ve got some sightseeing, a scrapbook, and crafting to do! :o)

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A Little Bear

One more little FO this week: A little bear.

I started and completed this one yesterday. It was a quick knit and she will be going on the Stuffy Swap this coming week. I used some of the left over Paton’s Classic Wool in Grey Mix. The only modification I had was adding a tail.

Here’s Sheila:

A close up of her face:

And here’s her tail:

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For the second FO of the week, we have a minisweater.

I completed all the knitting for this one on July 4th as well, but didn’t get to sew on the button until yesterday. I actually stitched the front together because I couldn’t get it to stay the way I wanted otherwise. I have to pull it over my head, but it’s really stretchy, so I don’t mind. I used Plymouth Yarn, Baby Alpaca Grande in color 567. It took just under 4 skeins of yarn. I did modify it a bit by knitting 3/4 length sleeves (complete with decreases), but other than that, I followed the pattern.

Here it is lying flat:

Here’s a close up of the button:

And here’s me wearing it:

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My first FO for this week is a kitty.

I actually completed this yesterday after sewing on the eyes, but all the knitting was done on Tuesday, July 4th. I made quite a few modifications to this pattern. I decided on a skirt instead of striped pants, knit the shirt in a solid color with a stitched on border, added a tail, and modified the feet. I also put pipe cleaners in the ears, arms, tail and feet so they are semi-poseable. I used Paton’s Classic Wool in Old Rose (skirt), Leaf Green (shirt), and Grey Mix (cat).

Here she is peeking out from under the flowers:

Here’s a full front photo:

Here you can see her tail:

I made her feet like socks, and I like how the ended up :o)
Here’s a close up of her feet:

Over all, I’m pretty happy with how she turned out!