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Project Updates

I Since it’s been a while, I figure it’s time to update about my current projects. I’ve decided that I love sock knitting and after some initial trouble, I’m moving right along with my Pomatomus socks. I’m nearly done with the second repeat. Here they are:

And a close up of the pattern:

I’ve been knitting like crazy on my minisweater. So far I’ve used up 2 skeins of the Baby Alpaca Grande. I’m going to be making this one with longer sleeves – probably 3/4 length. I have two skeins left and I’m pretty sure I should have no problems completing it with what I have left. The yarn is incredibly soft and just a joy to work with! Here’s my progress:

Liesel hasn’t got much love from me in a long time. I know I need to complete it, but it just hasn’t been calling to me. I’ve had it sitting out for a few days now and it’s starting to call to me a little louder each day. Soon I’m sure I’ll be knitting on it once again. Here’s where I am so far:

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for this post. TTFN!

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Note to self…

As a “note to self” I need to look at the stash and see if the Lamb’s Pride worsted I have will work for We Call Them Pirates. I really want to learn fair isle – it’s the one thing I feel completely unsure of in knitting… everything else is cake to me, but fair isle still scares me a bit! I need to get a few fair isle projects under my belt before I attempt the Deep V Argyle Vest.

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Folly is Finished

After about a year, I have finally completed Folly. I have never been so happy to be done with any single project in my time knitting than I am with completing this one. I finished it on Mother’s Day (May 14th, 2006) just in time to give it to my mom who had no idea I was making it for her (and who also loved it, which made all the work worth it!).

The pattern itself I wasn’t happy with because the instructions (IMO) were not written well enough and left some very important information out (like you need to decrease 11 times on each side) that caused me to do some serious frogging and left me with a bitter taste in my mouth about the whole project. Because of this, I put it down more than I worked on it for quite some time and to have it done feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders!

I made it out of Caron’s Simply Soft in Heather Grey. It curls a little on the button bands, but I think it will relax with wear and washing. It’s quite soft and I’m glad I chose the yarn and color I did. I’m not sure exactly how many skiens of yarn it took, but I’d guess around 7. I think the pink buttons give it just enough color and make it a little more lively. I still plan on making some of the flowers that are supposed to be sewn on the collar, but putting them on pins instead so that it’s an option and not permanent. The flowers are going to be a light heather pink color.

At any rate, here is a picture of my mom proudly sporting the sweater I spent the better part of a year trying to make:

And here’s a close up of the buttons I used for it:


Now that I’m done with the biggest project I had on the needles, it’s time to work on something else! I’m working on Pomatomus socks and I just started another minisweater (I ended up gifting the first one to my sister Kaylee because she loved the color and I neve wear it).

Soon, I plan on starting Rogue finally. I’ve had the yarn sitting around since just after the Knitting Olympics, so it’s about time I got going on it :o)

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As promised, here are photos of my completed Jaywalkers (finally!). I used Lorna’s Laces Shepard Sock in a colorway I can’t remember because I lost the frickin’ label! At any rate, I love the colors of it and love the pattern. I’ll probably make another pair, but this time I’ll make the length of the foot slightly smaller because these are a little baggy (too long) on me. I love them anyhow, though!

And now I’m ready for some Jaywalking!

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I’m still alive

I’ve been knitting.

I completed my Jaywalkers, but haven’t posted the photos I took yet. (Been too lazy to resize and upload them.) I think they came out just slightly too long in the foot, but there’s not a chance in hell I’m ripping back to fix them. I love them and have worn them, but now I’m faced with the “OMG I HAVE TO WASH THESE!” issue. I don’t know where my label is, but I know it’s Lorna’s Laces. I don’t want to throw them in the washing machine and have them felt even a little, but I’ve no idea how to hand wash them!

As for my mom’s sweater? It’s sewn together!! I completed the last sleve late Saturday night and was able to sew it together yesterday. Now I just have the collar and button bands and I’ll be D-O-N-E! The button bands should take hardly any time at all and I don’t think the collar will either. I’m going to be knitting like mad this week to complete it before Mother’s Day this coming Sunday.

I started another pair of socks. The Pomatomus socks from Knitty. They haven’t seen too much progress due to all that work on my mom’s sweater, but once that is done, I’ll just have those socks to work on! Well, I have the pullover I’m creating, but hasn’t seen much progress. I’m considering starting Rogue finally once that sweater is done. We’ll see.

Next post, I promise to have photos of my Jaywalkers.