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Suki Bag

My finished Suki bag!

I used Elann’s Peruvian Highland Wool.

All felted and ready to be used! (I was a bit silly and didn’t take photos of the pre-felted bag *pouts*)

Open from the side – she sits up nicely :o)

From the top:

Instead of sewing the handles on, I did them similar to the Booga Bag and just knotted them:

And here’s me posing with my new bag!

The colors came out fantastic, IMO. The pictures really show the colors well.

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Booga Bag

Here are the photos of my Booga Bag, pre and post felting :o)

Pre felting:

The colors are pretty accurate of the yarn I used (Noro color 90[?]). Before it was felted, the bag measured 13″ x 13″.

This is the i-cord. I think it was about 6 feet pre felting.

Post felting:

This is the bag being blocked (front view). It measures 9″ high x 9″ across x 5″ wide.

This is the bag being blocked (side view).

This is the i-cord after being felted. It measures about 5 feet long.

Here is the bag all put together!

This is a side view showing the knots.


All in all, I think it came out very nicely for my first try at felting :o)

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A Teddy Bear

So, quite some time ago, Nick asked me to knit him a teddy bear. I had a pattern I’d gotten from the Mother Bear Project because I have some extra yarn I wouldn’t mind using up for such a charity project. I wanted to do a “test bear” first before kintting any to send off. I figured this was the perfect oppertunity to do so. I finished him Monday of last week, but kept forgetting to snap a photo of him to post. Personally, I think his head is too small and I don’t know that I like the buttons, but Nick is a doll and said he loves him and he came out perfect. What a guy!

Here he is: